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Roadside Stall (Steamed Fish) @ Taman Maluri, KL

Simple but delicious!....


Another place where the traffic jams and road rage/ agressive driving levels have achieved such infamy that I would never venture there alone, especially on a normal (working) weekday....

... which is why I had never tried this gem of a roadside stall, situated in Taman Maluri, sort of diagonally opposite the Hotel Maluri:
(Map at the end of post - don't ask me for directions. Am lost there. Sorry...)
Just a little roadside stall/ shack....

Of course the ambience is simple :) - it's pretty much a makeshift wood and zinc shack, with basic plastic tables and chairs, so don't expect too much in terms of comfort:
(It can get a bit warm actually)
Seated inside the stall area....

Don't be fooled by the above photo - it gets very packed during lunch time, with many people waiting around for a table. We were just really lucky, as we missed the lunch crowd by about 5 to 10 minutes.

They have a very limited menu there - doing only a handful of steamed dishes and some vegetables. The specialty is the steamed fish though, so we had to try that:
The steamed fish.....

The fish was fresh and perfectly steamed, with it sweet flesh bouncey and supple. Also, the accompanying soya sauce + oil mix was perfect and accentuated the fish, with a beautiful balance of salty fragrance - flavourful yet delicate somehow (... which I was told is because they only use the best possible quality of soya sauce).

My only gripe is that they only have river fish available here, with its evil little pronged bones.

If you are really too scared/ lazy to deal with the fish bones though, you can always just order the Steamed Chicken:
Now for the steamed chicken....

Essentially, the ingredients in the soya sauce base is the same as the fish, but with the proportions tweaked (I think).... Somehow, it tasted interestingly different enough that you would not notice/ care, again accentuating the perfectly steamed pieces of chicken....

We also ordered the Steamed Tofu and some vegetables (kai lan):
- The tofu:
Apparently eating more tofu will make your skin smooth?....

- The vegetables:
Tasty greens....

Both were nice, with the tofu texture being wonderfully silky smooth and the vegetables having a nice crunch - yay! Not chewy and fibrous.
(Overall, delicious...)

I don't know how much each dish was... but it cost us only RM 39 (RM 13** per person) for all that and drinks!
(** Roughly equivalent to a mind blowingly affordable USD 4 / Euro 3 / British Pounds £ 2 per person!!)

If only there were some way that I could go eat there more often....

So, it's: Very simple setting (in a road side shack), delicious and fresh steamed Chinese food, very reasonable prices BUT limited menu, traffic/ parking can be a pain and it's a popular place for lunch so be prepared to wait for a table....

Summary Information:;
Steamed Fish Stall @ Taman Maluri, KL

Opening Hours: Lunchtime only - approx. 11am to 3pm
Phone: -
Address: Roadside stall, Jalan Jejaka 3, Taman Maluri, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur (Sort of diagonally opposite Hotel Maluri)



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  1. Roadsides are the best places to eat...and cheap too! I'm sure the river fish tasted awesome with re superior soy sauce!

  2. I've eaten here before, it's darn good! We had a fun time laughing at the roadsigns around this area...jalan kolestrol and etc can be found at the housing area there.

  3. wah, this would seem like the perfect gastronomic antidote on a day when we're feeling bloated from too much greasy food. or maybe steamed fish could even be a hangover cure! :D

  4. what's wrong with cheras? we love cheras! and maluri isn't bad either! Luv the fish here.. good thing u ventured out my dear ! LOL

  5. Oh it's near my alma mater but I lazy to go Cheras one lol.

  6. to qwazymonkey:
    Yarr! :D Roadside stalls are the best of peng, leng, cheng! (cheap, nice, awesome!)...

    to boo_licious:
    ROFL. Jalan Kolestrol? I must look out for it - have only seen a Jalan Lemak before...

    to Sean:
    Well, even if ur hangover is not cured, u will have ingested lots of healthy omega 2 or sumthing liddat from the fish! :)
    (It's good stuff!)

    to Ciki:
    I really have my colleagues to thank for that - they are very adventurous around lunch time and they know so many yummy places! :)

    to Simon Seow:
    Me too! I know it's probably not THAT bad, but somehow the thought of getting caught in a Cheras traffic jam really scares me....

  7. cheras is an awesome place ok? (haha cheras boy at heart)

    river fish + etc for rm39 thats cheap!

  8. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    I never said Cheras is not awesome. It's awesome from all the delicious food and also awesomely traffic jammed. :P
    (Yarrrr. So cheap, and it was yummy too! Wish can eat there more often...)

  9. Devil and I just had some steamed fish for dins tonight... and I know what you mean about Cheras... Awesome food... but lagi awesome jams! I'll stick to Taman Desa and selected less-jammy parts of PJ for now. :)

  10. to Life For Beginners:
    Me too! :)
    (...Unless someone offers to drive me there and I just get to sit in the car n relax, get out at destination, eat then just get back in the car and relax again)

  11. simple and nice chinese food :)

  12. to ai wei:
    Simple food is awesome especially after too much rich food/ pigging out! :)

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