Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shameless Covers 2 @ PJLA, PJ

Friendship, music and laughter - what's not to love? :)....

Just last week, I went with some friends to watch the Shameless Covers 2 performance at the PJ Live Arts (PJLA), starring Melina William (lead singer of Tempered Mental), Reza Salleh, Zalila Lee and Mia Palencia, all experienced veterans(?**) of the local music scene:
(** Well, they are all still young lah, but are all very established in their own right, IMHO...)
So talented lah! They can play so many instruments - piano, guitar/ banjo, saxophone and drums...

They had already disclaimed upfront that they are only doing (shameless) covers of their favourite songs... so what's the big deal, right? What's so special about this musical performance over all others that I've seen/ heard?

Well, these 4 talented singer/songwriters are good friends in real life (as far as I know), and when they are on stage together, their warmth, humour and love for music are positively infectious.
Saxy Zalila...

Their selection of songs was also really interesting, spanning alternative (eg. Garbage, Nirvana) to R&B (eg. Destiny's Child) to local hits (Ella, Alleycats) and a fantastic boy band medley!

There was even a LOL-tastic Francesca Peters nationalistic song (Setia) rendition by Reza - here's the video if you're curious: Click here.
(I really wished they did more of their lovely renditions of cartoon songs like the last time, but that wasn't the underlying theme this round....)
Francesca! Is that you? LOL...

I love how they chose songs that you may not have thought of, but love, and brings back happy memories.... It's also so much fun singing along (which they encourage completely).
(For example: Haven't heard this song for ages! - Layar Impian, Ella, which Melina definitely did justice to....)
(Ah! And their encore routine/ homage to Queen! - loved, loved, LOVED it!)
Guitar Hero?...

I have it from a reliable source (one of their sisters) that they won't do another Shameless Covers unless they are confident that they can bring it to another level/ keep the standard high enough to amaze everyone.... but gosh, I really REALLY hope they do.
(What can I say?: While I respect their pride/ passion/ professionalism, I enjoyed Shameless Covers 1 and 2 a LOT and I definitely want more!)
Me posing with Melina and Reza...

Note: Sorry. This event is already over, but just wanted to do a short post as a homage/ my way of saying thank you for all the fun I had that night. :)

- Thanks to Melina William, Zalila Lee, Reza Salleh and Mia Palencia for yet another wonderful night of music and laughter.
(Pssst. Please bring us Shameless Covers 3, ok? Thanks in advance!)
The fantastic 4 at the informal "meet the fans" session after the show...

I guess this is my sort of mini-petition for Shameless Covers 3? :),

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  1. i love listening to covers too. it's often interesting to hear fresh takes on songs that we know and love (i guess that's why i'm a huge fan of american idol, and the only parts of glee i really like are when they're singing, heheh) :D

  2. Ah! for music performance... I'd only go for Jacky Cheung! Never once have I gone for these kind of performance before

  3. to Sean:
    Hmmm. Well, if they have Shameless Covers 3, wanna go with me? :)
    (It's really good!)

    to thule aka leo:
    Woi! Support (worthy) local artistes too laaaaah. :P

  4. that sounds great, thanks! anyways we're also supposed to meet for a quiet dinner sometime soon, if i recall right. let's aim for next month, right after the chinese new year madness subsides! :D

  5. to Sean:
    Sounds good! :)
    (our quiet dinner is so long overdue! Lol)

  6. Send me your email. porosha


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