Thursday, May 24, 2007

I Need A Break

If only I could go away right now and have a holiday (and time & budget were not constraints):
1) Exotic Beach Holiday in Mauritius
I am so pale from all the hours spent in the office.
(I'm usually in office just after the sun rises and I leave for home well after the sun sets so how not to be totally pallid?)
I miss having a nice healthy tan - and what better way to get one then by (putting on a little sunscreen) and lying on a towel on top of a beautiful white sandy beach, surrounded by clear blue waters (and a margarita in hand).

2) Holiday of Gluttony in Hong Kong:
Yummy yummy dim sum.
Delicious rice and noodle dishes.
Mmmmmm.... *drool*
I had a lot of fun eating (and shopping) the last time I went to HK and I'd really like to go back again some time soon. It's an unfortunate side effect that I gained about 5 pounds the last time I was there, but it was worth it!

3) Cultural Extravaganza in France:
I have been to Paris once before when I much younger.... but it was with my parents in a typical tour group sort of experience so I didn't get to really see very much at all.
Anyway, I've promised myself that before I die, I've got to see with my own eyes what's so great about the Mona Lisa and all those other things at the Louvre.

If all else fails, a day of slothful relaxation in my own comfy bed will do.

Anyway, sorry for lack of updates on restaurants and food.... I've been super busy at work.

Till then.......


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  1. Its best to take a little rest when you can for the strain and stress will cause other problems like sick which I have gained from the lack of sleep and busy workload
    Take care there and hope you get to rest soon

  2. well remember the title of ur last post? balance..take care ok?

  3. to zeroimpact:
    Oh - sounds like you need a holiday badly too!
    Yeah... sometimes we need a break to rest our bodies from the usual hectic schedules.

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    Yeah... well, my bank account is way off balance right now so it's difficult to go anywhere nice - probably I'll just take a day off to relax though.

    to wuching:
    Not enough money lah!
    Well,.. maybe I can't do any of the 3 things I listed but I think I can afford to take one day off and treat myself to a relaxing spa or something like that.

  4. WAH!!! i wan Mauritius too! But Bali also settle la. Take a break dear. All work and no play make J a very grumpy girl :D

  5. to honey star:
    I think I would definately settle for Bali too - unfortunately now both also cannot afford!


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