Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Recap

Good morning!
I had a very gluttonous weekend, with the usual Saturday night dinner (we went to Alexis this week) and a special once a year pig out session on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day.

This year, my mum wanted to go for Japanese buffet so we chose to go to Kampachi at the Equitorial Hotel, KL. Overall, I didn't really enjoy myself too much.... Don't get me wrong - the food was pretty good for a buffet (both variety and taste-wise) but it was a total warzone!

There were HORDES of people.
And not just normal people, but hordes of typical thick skinned kiasu Chinese ah bengs and ah lians who had no qualms in emptying out the entire content of the buffet tray onto their plates.
(Some of those stacks were amazing! Totally gravity defying!)

The ones who weren't as skillful in stacking even had the audacity to fill up their plates, hand it to their equally thick skinned family member/ friend who happened to be passing by and help themselves to more food.

Oh well....
At least my mum enjoyed herself.
(We made sure she didn't have to go out to battle for food - me, P and my dad went to get the food and served her the whole time there)
She also really liked the present I gave her...
(Unfortunately it cost about 1/5 of my monthly wages but hey, it's worth it for my mummy dearest.... )

BTW, here's a useful tip when dining at Alexis Ampang: Never arrive late for dinner.
Well, they have a few very strict rules:
1) Only people who are going to have dinner can book tables.
2) They will release your table if you don't come within 15 minutes of your booking
3) Any members of your table who arrive at 9.01 pm onwards will be charged RM25 cover charge, even if they only came there to eat and have no interest whatsoever in watching the live band/ international singer that starts at 10.30pm.

So, there - keep all that in mind if you don't want to end up paying cover charge just to eat dinner at Alexis.

I think that's all for now...


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  1. hehehe...typical kiasu ah bengs, all u can eat mah!

  2. A good warning to append to any Alexis info actually.

    And I now tag you with this:

  3. to wuching:
    I know - but it's so irritating lah!
    (Bcos I am not thick skin enough to "fight" with them... or more like I choose not to)

    to sneexe:
    I just wonder whether the Alexis in BSC has those strange rules too?

    (AH! You have tagged me! Ok. I will get to it as soon as I can...)

  4. :| i hate that kind people too!!!!!!!

  5. Woah so many rules? Drives me away. :P

  6. to meiyen:
    Me too!
    ... but I'm sure those people think that they are very clever to get so much food.

    Actually, the people I hate the most is those who are so thick skin to take so much but in the end cannot finish all the food.
    (Very wasteful!)

    to che-cheh:
    Yeah, too many rules and most of them do not benefit the consumers/diners at all...
    Well, the one on releasing the table if you're late is pretty normal I guess but can you imagine having to pay 25 bucks just to eat dinner there?

  7. har ? i never know they so strict one. why leh? coz of the live band?

  8. exactly... not a right thing to do!

  9. to winn:
    Well, I guess it's because they are so popular and the space there is very limited.

    to meiyen:
    Ya loh...
    Unfortunately, there are just so many different kinds of people in the world and I suppose nobody is perfect....

  10. wow, i didnt know alexis ampang was so strict. have you been to the alexis in bangsar though? my friend says the pavlova (or something of the like) dessert is mm mmm tasty.

  11. to intuchinq:
    I guess Alexis Ampang is like that because they have those live acts/ bands and are so so popular/ packed....
    Mmmmmm, pavlova!
    Most of the cakes (at all Alexis outlets) are yummy!
    I haven't tried the Pavlova before but I really like the Chocolate Nutty Meringue and the Tiramisu.
    (Some of the chocolate cakes are really disappointing though)


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