Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's All About Balance

1) It's Wednesday!
2) I had an important presentation at work today and I didn't mess up!
(Ok - except for one tiny typo)

1) P suddenly cancelled dinner date.
2) I am so broke after impact of Mother's birthday (Nov), Christmas (Dec), Father's birthday (Jan), Italy holiday & Valentine's Day (Feb), Mother's Day & P's birthday (May).
(And Father's Day is coming up soon!)

Well, one has to cherish the small joys in life and just try to look at everything in a positive manner, right?
Like for example:
1) Since P cancelled dinner then I have more time to rest tonight.
2) Since I am so broke:
a) I have to cut down on expenses like food so I will lose weight.
b) I cannot afford to buy a house this year and rent it out as extra income/investment like I planned to, so no extra taxes for me this year.

So, it's all good then.


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  1. Cut down food expenses. I can relate.

    It's easier said than done tho... food & related expenses are too closely connected to social life lah... :(


    Need to make more money..... :p

  2. to sneexe:
    Yeah - I understand how you feel.
    It's another one of those "easy to say but hard to do" things in life...
    Besides, greedy ppl like me can never go without good food for long periods of time.
    It's kinda sad when you have to suffer (in a sense) just because you don't have enough money to treat yourself to something nice once in a while, don't you think?

  3. yeah. but it's still better than feeling you don't have enough money even to feed teh parking meter...

  4. Yup! And it's all good being back in the saddle and seeing your chocolate-satisied smile over there on the right.

  5. Ah, yes
    Looking at things the other way will bring more joy and happiness
    I guess we should find blessings in everything, be it good or bad

  6. to sneexe:
    Ooh... that is pretty bad!

    to donkeyblog:
    Hooray for us both then!

    to zeroimpact:
    Totally agree with you....
    We all have to look at the positive side or risk getting terribly depressed!
    Besides, happiness keeps us young, I think.


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