Thursday, May 31, 2007


Why do some people choose to shoot the messenger?
Mr Manager sez: "Respect mah authoratay, you little minion!"....

Now, I am waiting to see whether I get a warning letter for sending out meeting minutes.....
(Yes, that's right: meeting minutes... and this manager made a special phone call to scold me about it)
(I've been told that it was insubordination on my part)

It's a long story....
In fact: It's been a long day/ week/ month/ year so far.
I love my company so much but some days are just really tiring.

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wuching said...

shoot them back!

J said...

to wuching:
Can't lah - I don't have any ammunition. People of my low level don't get issued any.

B said...

insubordination???? hahah, J insubordination I DON:T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tell them to shut up, and that I got a pineapple that they and up thier @$$

J said...

to b:
That's very sweet B.

Casper King said...

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