Monday, May 07, 2007

Mini Food Update

I accidentally discovered a good deal at the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur....
(It's such a nice surprise when your bill comes back with a discount that you didn't know about at first)

As a pre-renovation special, Villa Danieli is offering a 30% discount off food and drinks when you use your Citibank Visa card!
(Only until the end of May 2007)

So, now you can go and try out the yummy Italian food there for a cheaper price!

I need to do work now.
(And btw, I am not receiving any payment for posting this up - I just thought it's a pretty good discount... unless you have the Starwood Hotels membership card, that is - you can get up to 50% discount with that so it's even better)

Note: Villa seems to be very popular nowadays so please make a booking or risk disappointment when you try to just walk in and get a table.

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  1. in that case u can go eat there everyday!

  2. to Wuching:
    If I do that, I will become very very fat lah.
    Besides, even on discount: One meal at Villa Danielli is easily = 15 meals at a coffeeshop.
    (I'll be so broke!)

  3. until end of april 2007? but i thought we are now in da month of may 2007?!!!! O_o me back to da future? :p

  4. to meiyen:
    I have made a bad typo!

    I've corrected it already - thanks for pointing it out.

  5. by the way, it's not exactly 50%
    it's more like one person eats free..
    so for a larger than 4 party, it's better to use the citibank card instead.

  6. to soojc:
    That's why I said it's possible to get "up to 50% discount"... but thanks for the details.


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