Friday, November 23, 2007

Funky Friday

The countdown begins.....

It's Friday!
(aka. the "24 hours till freedom" day)

Anyway, sorry for the total lack of updates (on food) - I've been:
- a bit sick,
- quite depressed,
- very tired, and
- psycho busy....

I can't even pinpoint what is it exactly that's causing me so much grief.
Just life in general, I guess.
Or maybe I'm just getting into my usual year end funk - when I start freaking out about where I wanted/ dreamed my life to be at this point VS reality and realising how far apart the 2 are......

But hey, it's almost the weekend!
No time for doom and gloom!
*J turns her frown upside down*


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  1. ouch... i feel da same! a bit sick, depressed cause over-worried, tired too although i sleeps before 12am every night... and i feel like 24 hours is no enough for me! and thank god, it's friday! hope you gonna have lotsa fun this weekend!

  2. to meiyen:
    Well, at least we have company - we are suffering together gether....
    I hope everything gets better for you soon. Have a good weekend too!


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