Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Glutton Am I

Just back from a trip to the island of delicious food.....

I followed my parents (and aunt) back to visit relatives in Penang, and in the (slightly less than) 48 hours we spent there, I ate:
- lobak,
- curry mee,
- char kuey teow,
- duck mee,
- yong tau foo,
- popiah,
- assam laksa,
- apoms,
- kuey teow theng,
- roti babi, and
- wantan mee.....

That's a lot, isn't it?

Well, I didn't finish all of that by myself lah but managed to taste a bit of everything through a carefully orchestrated process of sharing between my mum, dad, aunt and myself.
(We made sure we never ordered the same dish so that we could exchange with each other later)

My aunt who came on the trip with us was our food guide, bringing us to all her favourite spots....
(Some of which has been open since she was a schoolgirl!)
I will try to post up most the food places soon...

Afraid to weigh herself,

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  1. Hey J, don't you worry ... Penang does that to all of us!


  2. to julian si:
    Easier for you though - You are taller and skinnier than me!
    If I gain any more weight then I will be in the "fat" category already...


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