Thursday, November 01, 2007


How long more.....?

Wah lau....
Seems like so long more till the weekend.....

Anyway, due to:
1) budgetary constraints, and
2) a bout of food poisoning...

... there will probably be no updates on food till next week...
(*sigh*... It's such a strange situation to be in though - feeling so hungry but afraid to eat because am so sick of going to the loo)

Finally (and very painfully) aware that her stomach is not as strong as she thought,

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  1. Oh get well soon! Then continue the glutton lifestyle a flogger ought to live! :P

  2. *hugz* hope that you gonna get well soon yah....

  3. Hi, I am leaving a comment here because I can't find your email contact.

    I had created a food search site called Malaysia Most Wanted Food (, archiving mostly food reviews from blogger. It basically allows easy searching of yummy food around Malaysia. So I am wondering if you are interested to allow me to link to the food reviews in your blog (I shall respect the copyright of your content).

    Do contact me (Desmond) at info [at] malaysiamostwanted (dot) com. I could provide you with more information on how this is actually done.

  4. to tankiasu:
    I hope to go back to gluttony soon too! Miss all the yummy food, especially spicy ones....

    to meiyen:
    (Hopefully both my tummy and purse recover quickly - haha)

    to d_luaz:
    Well, I'll email you soon to see what this is all about.


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