Monday, January 11, 2010

Char Kuey Teow @ Say Huat, Section 17

A good place for Char Kuey Teow in Section 17 - available from morning till night...

Possibly one of the biggest (food related) debates in Malaysia would be: Where to get the best Char Kuey Teow?? :)

Usually, there will be insistence that the best CKT can only be found in Penang (O' Haven of Yummy Food), but what are we Selangor people to do? We need convenient options that are not a couple of 100 kilometers away! :)

With that in mind, presenting CKT @ Say Huat (near the Section 17 market):
Looking at Say Huat from the car park area...

Being a normal coffeeshop, don't expect any bells and whistles - just a simple interior, with the typical coffeeshop plastic chairs and tables (with a couple of beer posters on the wall for good measure):
A look into Say Huat....

The CKT (RM4 for small size, RM4.50 for large size):
My CKT! :)....

The noodles were kinda soft (but not too soft) and tasted spicy, fragrant and overall, yummy. There was also a fair amount of plump prawns, taugeh and chinese sausage slices to complement the noodles.
(Really hits the spot when you're craving for carby comfort food)
(Hmmm... you'll have to try it yourself though to see whether you like it... Food "nice-ness" is already so subjective, and even more so when it comes to the much loved CKT! Haha....)

We also tried a Tom Yam soup (RM?), which according to Babe! had moved over to the coffeeshop next door....
(... but since she is a regular customer, they agreed to send it over):
Piping hot Tom yum....

I liked it. :)
It's just a simple tomyam but it's tasty, sour and spicy enough to satiate any cravings.

Thanks for bringing me to this place, Babe! It was nice having lunch with you and TNG that day.
(Hope we can do lunch again soon - have to wait till my work schedule becomes a bit better...)

So, it's: Good char kuey teow, convenient location for PJ folk, available morning till night BUT nothing bad to say :)....

Summary Information:
Robert's CKT @ Restoran Say Huat, Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Opening Hours: Daily (around 11am till 10pm).
Phone: -
Address: Jalan 17/29, Petaling Jaya


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  1. Hehe, only Penang CKT does it for me. Nowhere else, really.

  2. So that's the famous Robert Chai ckt!

  3. nothing more to say but.. BURP..

  4. to J2Kfm:
    Yeah, but us Selangor ppl have to find (fairly) worthy alternatives lah. :P :P

    to Nyonya Chef:
    Wanna go try it? :)

    to Cumi & Ciki:
    Haha... Yup yup. :) Burp, indeed. :)

  5. luckily I am not fussy when it comes to eating.. but of course not too rubbish la :) since u gave it a stamp of approval, I will give it a try next time when I go to Sec 17

  6. You're most welcome. Lemme know when you wanna do lunch next! ;)

  7. to thule a.k.a leo:
    Yay! You trust me! :)
    (Wah. Now I feel pressure though - what if you don't like it? Haha...)

    to Bangsar-bAbE:
    Definitely! :) Maybe next week? Will call....

  8. Ooh remember reading it at Bangsar Babe's blog ages ago... always meant to try but never did get around to it. Somehow CKT and the Klang Valley just doesn't gel in my head!

  9. chis..whn is Anuar FHC? grrrr...

  10. to minchow:
    Oredi said loh: It's not the best! But definitely decent. :

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Sowe sowe.... jangan marah pleeeeease.... :)

  11. food,like your next love is same but not da same. The funny thing is the famous ckts in KL/PJ seem to be reciped from Pg , according to the friers themselves ( or are they unconsciously riding on the bandwagon )

  12. to backStreetGluttons:
    Haha. Well, I suppose since Penang is the place where CKT is supposed to be originally from, that's why they all claim to have authentic Penang CKT recipes?


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