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Sang Har Mein @ Palm Spring Kopitiam, Sunway Damansara

A decadent but much loved dish, Sang Har Mein, in Sunway Damansara...

In Malaysia, you're definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to trying out yummy local food - one such dish is the Sang Har Mein (River Prawn Noodles) which is popular, although it is (relatively) an expensive dish as compared to the usual hawker fare.
(Can't be helped - river prawns are considered quite premium seafood)

I don't eat Sang Har Mein a lot though... (so I think it's gonna be difficult for me to do a proper review of the one here as I don't have much to compare it to)... but I found the one they served at the Palm Spring Kopitiam in Sunway Damansara yummy:
Simple ambience but clean.....

I guess one reason is that the chef there is(/was?) from the famous Restoren Green View in SS2, which specialises in Sang Har Mein:
Mr "Ko Low" (Tall Guy) at work.....

He mentioned that he's had >15 years experience cooking up Sang Har Mein, and has come up with several variations on it, but of course we had to try the classic style:
Egg-y, prawn-y, carb-y goodness.....

Yum. :)
- The bed of noodles were quite crispy (or you can mix it with the sauce and let it become soft if you prefer),
- topped with thick (but not too thick) egg-y sauce, and
- of course it came with a nice big juicy river prawn filled with heart clogging roe....
(Hello Cholesterol! :) I think I felt a bit high after that actually....)

We also tried one of the popular variations, the Curry Sang Har Mein:
Claypot of curry noodles.....

Here's a closer look :)
A plate of carby sin.....

Overall this was good - thick, fragrant curry sauce, topped with fresh mint leaves and taufu-pok (beancurd?) went well with the noodles and prawn. I suspect this may be a bit too heavy/ rich for some though... and even if you do like curry noodles, you may get a bit jelak if you try to finish it all by yourself.
(Still, worth a try!)

There are also some other dishes to complement your meal there, like the Marmite Pork Ribs:

The sauce was a little, eencey weencey, bit too sweet for my tastebuds but I enjoyed this dish - tender meat, but still with some bite.
(It was not super tender but good for coffeeshop/ tai chow standards)

I don't have the receipt for dinner that night but all in, it cost RM 70 for all this and about 6 (small) bottles of beer* so I think it's decently priced.

*LOL. We are such drunkards, right? :P

Anyway, thanks for the dinner date Mr Nyonya Chef! I never would have found this place by myself. :)

So, it's: Yummy sang har mein (in different, unusual styles), fair selection of fried noodles/ rice and selected meat/ veg dishes, decent pricing BUT beware! The surrounding area gets pretty jammed, especially on weekday peak hours.....

Summary Information:
Palm Spring Coffeeshop @ Sunway Damansara, PJ
Lot No B-G11, Block B, Jln Persiaran Surian,
47810 Petaling Jaya,

Opening Hours: 10am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 10.30pm
Phone: 012-313 3626, 016-282 2392
Address: Lot B-G11 , Block B, Jln Persiaran Surian, PJ.


(Adapted from's Upper Damansara map - just CLICK the picture to make it bigger/ printable size)

- backStreetGluttons

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  1. curry sang har meen sure sounds interesting!

  2. to Ciki girl:
    It was, it was! :) Wanna go check it out? - Still a lot of Sang Har Mein varieties I didn't get to try that night.

    to sc:
    It was heavy but yummy. Ooh, and apparently they have hong chao (red wine?) sang har mein too. :)

  3. now u have un-earth another gem where I can enjoy Sang Har Mein near my home in BU :)
    *mucks* you deserve a kiss!!

  4. omg ! U were with D nYonYachef ? How incredibly lucky heavenlii yummy !

  5. Waaa...I want that sang har meen too! Nyonya chef really knows his food, huh? ;)

  6. to thule a.k.a leo:
    No problem Mr Leo - am just glad to spread the happiness! :)
    (If you & Jenn decide to go there for dinner, please call me too, k? There are a few more dishes there I didn't get to try that night...)

    to backStreetGluttons:
    Yes, lucky me. Dinner date with THE multi-talented and handsome Nyonya Chef. Haha...
    (He said he tried to call you too but you couldn't make it that night?)

    to bangsar-Babe:
    And he is such a good cook! :)


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