Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Classics Come Alive @ KLPAC

What a night! - Great music, fun facts, meeting new friends and shaking hands with an idol/crush while his wife is standing next to him *LOL*....

Isn't the internet a strange and wonderful thing?

If someone had told me years ago that:
1) I would start a blog on food & (sort of) my life,
2) At some time, I would post up a fangirl type entry or two (*blush*) on a certain MPO violinist that me & my friends thought was cute,
3) My (then) crush's WIFE would much later contact me through my blog, inviting me to go to their music recital, AND
4) She does NOT murder me for perving at her husband at that time (I didn't know!) and is in fact the loveliest, friendliest person you could ever hope to meet...
... I would not have believed them. :)

Anyway, what a night! - It was a lovely intimate & informal set up at the KLPAC, unlike what you would usually expect from a classical music recital.... and Susana had plenty of interesting facts/ anecdotes about each composer/ music piece:
Fun facts about classical music and composers...

And of course, the music was beautiful! - wonderfully played by Sebastian on his 300 y.o. violin!, and Alfredo Oyaguez on the grand piano, assisted by his adorable son:

I have to say though, I was a bit shy/ afraid to approach them after the show, not knowing what to expect (since we had only been conversing on and off through my blog/ Facebook).... but my fears were completely unfounded as Susana is one of the warmest people anyone can ever hope to meet:
:) :) :)...

(She didn't murder me! Haha....)

So, to Susana & Sebastian:
Not only was it a fantastic performance, but it was really nice to finally meet you both in person.... Looking forward to when you are in Malaysia again! :)

(If anyone wants to be in the loop on where and when their next performance will be, please feel free to join their Facebook Page)


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  1. u shld stop puting those urrgly faces on your pretty original one. stoppit!!! hehe

  2. Isn't classical music supposed to make us smarter? Does that include reading blog posts about it or only if one actually listens har?

    P.S. Ditto what Ciki said: Stop covering your pretty pretty face!

  3. OMG I soooooooo remmeber the cute violinist from MPO. I once stalked him in KLCC (San Fran's coffee I believe) when he was having (what I assumed to be) in between MPO practice lunch. *sigh* Married! *double sigh* XLynn

  4. to Ciki girl, and Mr. LFB:
    Haha... Sorry, I'm shy! :)
    (And hmmmm.... I think they say that listening to Mozart makes you smarter. But you have to listen to it first hand lah. :P)

    to Anonymous/ Lynn:
    You stalked him?? :P

  5. My friend and I used to stalk MPO players too, then giggle like schoolgirls when they asked us out. LOL.

  6. How could I murder you? You are too sweet! Hahaha! Thanks for this lovely post... we hope we come back to Malaysia again soon. In the meantime, please stay in touch! Susana

  7. to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    LOL. Look at us - a company of fangirl stalker types.
    (So class, horr?)

    to Susana:
    well, I wasn't so sure before I met you, but I know now! Haha...

    *hugs* I'm only posting what I feel - had a great time...

    Really looking forward to the next time you are in KL. Hey, if not for a performance then let's go for a nasi lemak or something, ok? :)

  8. Hey! Definitely we will meet again next time we are here... Nasi Lemak sounds GOOD!


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