Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year Musings

Time to put on my thinking cap........ :)

2009 is now over, and I got to thinking (as I usually do at this time) - What did I accomplish in the year? And most importantly, how did I score with my all time top (recycled) resolution?:
1) Just lose 5 pounds as a start,
FINALLY. A resolution where I can say I have clearly over-exceeded (although come on - let's be honest: 5 pounds is not really THAT much lah).

Result: I have only lost around 5 pounds, but this small sum is definitely because of muscle mass gain since I have dropped a full dress size. :) :)
(Yay! Excess inches AWAY!)

Anyway, it's definitely been an interesting year - learnt many new things:
1) Whiskey and bubbly do NOT mix.
(CY, Ciki, Nigel, Allan, Jun, Alan&CS... You know what I'm talking about.. Haha)

2) Be careful what you wish for.

3) Men are crazy.
(2009 was, collectively between my friends and I, the year of "The Vanishing Act", "The Tardy Denial Guy", "The Tornado", "I Man, You Woman Guy", "Mr Mememewhatshisfacewhocontinuallyastounds", and many more memorable characters...)

4) I guess women are crazy too.
(To be fair....)

5) I love my life, family & friends. :)
(Even though some parts/ some ppl are irritating some times - no one's perfect!... )

6) It's possible to enjoy food AND lose weight at the same time.
(You just have to work out enough...)

In any case, let's see what this new year brings - One thing's for sure: I'm looking forward to another year of ups (and the unavoidable downs) with my beloved family, friends and foodies.
Happy Gwailo New Year 2010, everyone!


PS/ So how are your own 2009 assessments coming along? :)

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  1. 2009's a wrap, finally! It was a really good year and I was anxious for it to go out with a bang before I had a chance to screw it up! Happy New Year J! Here's to more good eating, living and loving, all with weight loss intact! :-)

  2. sounds like quite the circus act of men!


  3. to minchow:
    Thanks...! :)
    I hope 2010 will be a great year for you too - filled with lots of laughter and yummy food.
    (With weight loss intact as well!)

    to j:
    Haha... I know! And you know too! ;)

  4. but i dunno who's the vanishing act, the tardy denial guy and mr. tornado wor....

  5. My wish comes 3-4 days late.. but it's better than never right???
    Happy New Year~~

  6. to j:
    Now you know! ;)

    to thule a.k.a leo:
    Your wish came true? That's great! - What was it? :) :)


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