Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunny Days

A short mid week post - Always a fun time at Carasol....

Thanks to a friend (Hi Fai! *waves*), I was introduced to this gem of a place in Puchong - Carasol Wakeboard Malaysia:

It's not a huge location, but the small man made beach and grassy plot, equipped with a mini bar and some very resort-like wooden huts by the side of the huge lake are such a dream - makes you feel like you've escaped on a little holiday.

Of course, the main activity here is the wakeboarding.... Don't worry, they won't just tie you to the back of the boat and drag you around if you're a beginner - Aaron, who runs Carasol and is the main instructor, has had many years of experience so you'll be in good hands:
One of the boats...

I can't say I've ever tried it actually *blush* because I usually play the part of the lazy beached whale in a bikini, lazing around trying to work on my tan.... but gosh, it does look like fun!:
Zoom zoom...

I have heard though that as exhilarating as it is,... it is also pretty tough - a great work out!
(2 birds with 1 stone? - burning lotsa calories & having fun at the same time!)

Random photo: Mo-Mo! The friendly guard dog :)
(They can tie him up if you don't like/ are afraid of dogs - no problem)

Thanks so much for introducing this place... I don't know when I'll actually gather enough guts to actually try the wakeboarding, but I already have so many happy memories hanging around and baking/ chilling out in the sunshine. :)

If anyone wants to find out more, please check out their Official Website... or join their Facebook Group!. Alternatively, just call Aaron at +6012-3246677.


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  1. Hey, you can always go again with Phil, Mish and the gang. If it's chillin out you want, be sure to give Aaron a heads-up. Plus, do check on their occasional Sunday roast/bbq.

    On the wakeboarding note, this is still the BEST place to learn; clear concise instructions & having the lake all to yourself. Was just riding in S'pore when I got back... and it's rubbish! Too many boats going up and down the channel, you tire yourself out riding other pple's rollers.

    And if wakebaording's not your thing, there's the wakeskate (board, no bindings), waterski, monoski, and hell, you can even bring your surfboard... we'll load one side of the boat and you can surf that one huge wake. It's do-able, trust me!

    Have fun KL! Miss you loads!

  2. so.. did u do it? did u get on the ski:P

  3. wow, we can imagine team bsg hanging loose here with the jay
    omg !

  4. to Fai:
    Will try it soon(-ish). :)
    Thanks Fai! We all miss you too!!

    to Ciki girl:
    Notchet... I was just lazing around the last few times I followed my friends there.

    Ooh, wanna share a wakeboarding session? :) Then we can try together-gether.

    to backStreetGlutttons:
    Too bad it's not really open to the public! Only for ppl who wakeboard I think...
    If not it will be a great place to chill out on Saturday nights. :)

  5. To Leo: you won't know till you try it! :p

  6. reminds me of east coast in singapore! and in puchong summore! kewl!

  7. wooo! cool!!
    I want i want!! Eh expensive ah??

  8. to Nic:
    Well, apparently this place is better than most/ all of the places in Sg (according to my Sg friend)... because it's also a lot less packed.
    (So you don't have to worry at all about colliding into another wakeboarder/ waterskier)

    to TNG:
    It's 220 to 240 per hour.
    (Depending on whether its a weekday or weekend/public holiday)

    Wanna share a session one day just to try it out? If we've never tried wakeboarding before, I don't think we can last an hour each anyway. :)


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