Friday, January 22, 2010

Grace, Humour, Death & Many Swans

A photo heavy post on a great performance - a bit late, but just for the record :)....

I've actually watched Les Ballets Grandiva (aka. Men In Tutus) before, when they came around to Malaysia in 2009.... but *blush* I had fallen asleep* during the show that time! I was so glad when I heard that they were back in Jan 2010 for another performance in the KLPAC - just had to go back to watch it properly this time....
(* I was tired+unwell+it was nice and dim in the hall....)

Anyway, it was pretty much a full house that night:

The set decorations were simple, but it works - puts the focus on the dancing:

Yay! :) :) Great seats!!! (THANKS NINA - I LUF YOU! *HUUUUUGSSSSSS*):

(I think these were the RM222 seats but we got them at a special price)

As with the last round, they started off with the Pas de Quatre:

The history behind the (original) dance in the 19th century is that Mr. Benjamin Lumley, manager of her Majesty's Theatre in London at the time, wanted to stage a grand show bringing together the four greatest ballerinas of the Romantic Age, Lucile Grahn, Carlotta Grisi, Fanny Cerrito, and Marie Taglioni.

Apparently, as wonderful as they were at their art, they were all also complete divas, each thinking that they were the star of the show. *lol* Anyway, the parody performed by the Men In Tutus was very entertaining - graceful yet funny. :)

Frenetic dancing (from Swan Lake, Act 2):

Graceful rendition of The Black Swan:

(OMG. Their tights are so.... well, tight! O_o Almost like they're actually walking around pantless but with leggings painted on!)

Of course, they also did their famed Dying Swan parody:

The routine of the graceful swan slowly shedding feathers across the stage in an awkward dance was funnier the first time I watched it, but still good. :)

Here's (most of) the troupe at the end of the show:

It's not cheap** but:
1) It's a really fun yet cultured way to pass 1 and a 1/2 hours - a fantastic balance of humourous yet technically awesome,
2) Whatever seat you're in, it's a great international act, and
3) The front row seats are really expensive but wah - what a difference!
(**Tickets were priced at RM88, RM111, RM133, RM177, RM188, RM199 or RM222 - depends on "zone")

(You can find out more about this talented troupe on their official website)

Lastly, look! - I got a photo with a super tall ballerina! :)
(He was such a sweetie - posing with anyone who asked)

What a great night! - am looking forward to the next time they are in KL again.


PS/ Many thanks to Gardner & Wife for bringing such an interesting act into Malaysia - it's a great, lighthearted way to introduce the masses to the beauty of ballet. Will definitely try to catch it again the next round.... I just hope they will do different routines. :)

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  1. Wow, I wish I had known abt this performance. Chis.

  2. i wonder why the tok gurus din protested over this show... ya know... men in tights!!! :P kekeke

  3. to Lyrical Lemongrass:
    I'll keep an eye out for when they are in KL again - let's go together-gether next round lah. I want to watch them again.

    to babe_kl:
    Was there a protest by the tok gurus??
    Haha.. - well, wouldn't be surprised seeing as some of the men were wearing frilly tutus and lipstick.....

  4. wots wiv the yellow smiley face woman.. ur much prettier! stop giving me nightmares..

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  6. would be interesting if next time team bsg watches , with ( beautiful co ), stewed chicken legs & pop corn and bamboo chopsticks

  7. to ciki girl:
    Oh no... I wouldn't want to be ur nightmare!!

    to backStreetGluttons:
    Haha... Wah. So many snacks for the show ah? Can you still concentrate on the performance? :P

  8. Wow, looks like a great performance... your enthusiasm for it certainly helps too, haha. ;)

  9. to Life For Beginners:
    I can't help it - I really liked the show! :)

  10. i missed this... hopefully they will come again.

  11. to anonymous:
    I hope so too! :)

    Well, it's quite likely they will - they've been to KL 2 years in a row now and both times were pretty much 100% sold out.


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