Friday, December 03, 2010

Bizarre or Genius?

Dare to try it?....

I think that I am easy to please, when it comes to souvenirs.

First of all, I don't expect one... but if you do take the time/ effort/ money to buy one for me, it is a lovely bonus and I will be happy no matter what it is.

... When Nina came back from her USA trip with 2 bars of Vosges' special Mo's Dark Choc Bar though, I was overjoyed.

Well, I love bacon... AND I love chocolate....

So, why not try it together, right?? :D
Afraid/ amazed...


I had read very mixed reviews about this particular chocolate bar online before (it appears to be a love it or hate it kinda thing) so, honestly I was a little bit afraid of eating it.

Still, I just HAD to try it (of course):


So, what's the verdict?: I liked it! :)

Overall the semi dark chocolate (about 60-40 blend) was smooth and creamy without being too sweet and it balanced surprisingly well with the salty flavours of the added bits of Alderwood smoked salt and Applewood smoked bacon.
(The bacon bits were kinda small though, so the taste of pork/ bacon is actually really mild)

As far as I know, this brand is not available here in Malaysia though... and they don't deliver to Asia in general... :(

... but if you are venturing to the USA, this is something you can look out for!
(Hope you enjoy it)


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  1. glad u liked them! puas hati esp since i can't eat them :P

  2. yum, i think i'd love this. choc + most food actually might work! choc + bacon, choc + durian, choc + spaghetti, choc + fried rice, choc + see-hum ... really :D

  3. A dark bacon bar of choc? Ooh yummy. Now we know why you are THE Chocoholic, eh? ;)

  4. to Nina:
    FYI: I like it A LOT. :D
    (Thanks again... *huuuuugggggsss*)

    to Sean:
    Are you sure about the chocolate and see hum??? ROFL.

    to Life for Beginners:
    Well, I am very straightforward... so labeled myself with my one enduring addiction. :P

  5. Have u tried dark chocolate with beef steak?

  6. To quay po cooks: Ooh. No haven't tried that combination either. Is it good? Sounds interesting....


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