Friday, December 17, 2010

I Survived Zouk Out 2010

What a night :)....

I like music in general.
(... except a few genres like polka and opera. Respect it, but haven't acquired the taste for it)
Fireworks that night :)...

Other than the more mainstream stuff like Ballads, Rock, Top 40 stuff, R&B, etc., I also really enjoy House and Trance...

So, when I heard that David Guetta was playing at Zouk Out 2010 last weekend, I just had to go.
(Haters: Yes, maybe you consider him a "sell out" but I think he is awesome because through his collaborations with ppl like the Black Eyed Peas, he has bridged the gap between house/trance and pop/mainstream, making it more accessible to the masses)

I really did not know what I was getting myself into* though, so I thought I should post up a short "survival guide" as a public service - to help first timers/ those as blur as me the next time around.
(* I honestly thought: "Hmmm. Normal partying in Malaysia lasts till about 3am, so at Zouk Out Sg, at the most should be until around 5 or 6am, right?")
Hordes at the main stage
(Frak you, rough idiots - You know who you are)...

1) The tickets usually sell out every year.
(2 years in a row anyway... so buy them beforehand, and not try your luck on the day itself)

2) The traffic on the way in and out can be quite bad.
(Things that will make your life easier: Go much earlier and have dinner/hang out near the venue and rent a hotel room to crash at after)

3) It starts at around 8pm and will last until the SUN RISES.
(So: Rest well and have a good meal before you go)
Dubfire, at the other stage...

(This is very important. The night should be about music and fun but there will always be idiots in the crowd - don't get into an argument/ fight please. Life is too short....)

2) Good friends that you can trust.
(aka. Friends that will not leave you unguarded and asleep/ unconcious in the middle of nowhere - saw many ppl by themselves at random places around the island later)

3) ID (with photo and age), some money and a fully charged mobile phone.
(No ID = cannot get in, no money = cannot buy drinks and no mobile phone = big trouble when you get separated from your friends, which is very likely to happen considering the amount of people there)

4) Comfortable sandals/ flip flops.
(You can also wear shoes, but it's on a beach - you'll probably get sand in it)

5) A dependable bladder.
(While it is important to stay hydrated, the portable toilets get kinda smelly and DISGUSTING after a while)
Fuelled by 3 beers and 1 power nap, I managed to survive the night...

Q: Did I have fun?
A: Yes :) - Met a lot of nice people and the music was good but it was definitely very tiring.

- Thanks for inviting me, Fai!
- Thanks for organising, Sharin!
- Thanks for the delicious food (awesome Mee Siam and sambal btw), Sharin's mum! :)
- Nice meeting all of you! *waves* (Orlin, Seok Bin, Viggo, RJ, Matt, Nura, Felix and the American dude whose name I can't remember right now - sorry....)

Now believes that Zouk Out should be categorised as a "Marathon" and not a "Party",

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  1. Phwar! Champion! All nighter ;) Glad to know you had fun and thanks for the really useful guide :)

  2. imagine how great polka AND opera would sound TOGETHER! a totally new genre of music! we could call it polpera? :D

  3. fuiyoh! I'm too old for stuff like these any more. But glad you had loads of fun

  4. To unka Leong:
    haha. Thanks. :)
    And u can put the guide to use for Zoukout 2011! ;p

    To sean:
    omg. That can be used as a non invasive tool of torture!

    To qwazymonkey:
    Actually I m too old for it too but didn't realise because I have never been to something like tt before! Lol

    To Brother B:
    Haha. Yeah, I remember, Hater B. :p

  5. Wow, not only did you survive, you were so close to the front :-)

    Haha... love that photo of you with that smiley face! HAPPY!!

  6. You dun like polka? But it could be... The. Next. Big. Thing.

    (Or mayhaps not. Heh.)

  7. To augustdiners:
    Me too me too! :) *high five*

    To Julian si:
    haha thanks... But that was the 2nd stage. No way can get so close on the main stage. :)

  8. To life for beginners:
    You wanna try to be the next big polka star? I'll totally buy ur cd.... I think.... Erm maybe. :p

  9. I honestly thought: "Hmmm. Normal partying in Malaysia lasts till about 3am, so at Zouk Out Sg, at the most should be until around 5 or 6am, right?"

    Partying in Malaysia ends at 3a.m. because it's mandated by the city council. Before that idiotic rule came into being, parties lasted til sunrise and frequently went on longer than that.

    Private "parties" and illegal raves still last beyond dawn as far as I know, but don't ask me to confirm because I'm an old lady now and can't stand the cigarette smoke no more.

    I'm waiting for a smoke-free all-night rave.

  10. to HANI:
    Well, there's always MOS in Sunway.... It's not a rave but they have decent trance/ house and completely smoke free - wanna go check it out sometime?


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