Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Friedchillies Annual Foodster Awards 2010 - Results! :)

Appreciation and love for all the uncles/ aunties/ pakciks/ makciks who toil to bring yumminess into our lives :)....

Ah, Friedchillies - can't imagine that it's been around since 1998!
(How times flies...)

FuelLed by passion for all things yum, it started off as a website/ forum and has now evolved into a mix media powerhouse covering everything from the web to tv.

In recent years, they came up with their Annual Foodster Awards, focusing on Malaysian Streetfood... As with last year, the LYSF (Love Your Street Food) campaign resulted in an interesting round up of nominees and winners, all from online voting:
(Power to the people!)

- Best Pisang Goreng - SS2 Goreng Pisang Stall
Nominees: Azmi Pisang Goreng, Mr. Chiam's Stall in Brickfields

- Best Satay - O Mulia Satay
Nominees: Hj Samuri, Satay Malaysia

- Best Crabs - Fatty Crab
Nominees: Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood, King Crab

- Best Nasi Lemak - Village Park
Nominees: Tanglin, Nasi Lemak Famous

- Best Kopitiam - Yut Kee
Nominees: Sin Seng Nam, Chawan

- Best Assam Laksa - O&S, Paramount Garden
Nominees: Mark's Assam Laksa, Alisan Laksa

- Best Maggi Goreng - Stevens Corner
Nominees: Nasi Kandar Bestari, Lotus Family Restaurant

- Best Roti Canai - Valentine Roti
Raju's, Restoran Kayu Nasi Kandar

- Best Char Kuey Teow - Aunty Gemuk FAM
Nominees: Restaurant Soon Leong, Restoran Seng Lee

- Best Chicken Rice - Restaurant Satellite Chicken Rice
Nominees: New Ipoh Chicken Rice, Nam Heong

- Best Burger - OM Burger
Nominees: Burger TTDI, Jackson Burger

- Best Banana Leaf Rice - Kanna Curry House
Nominees: Restoran Sri Nirwarna Maju, Vishal Chettinad Mess

I have to admit: I have only tried a few of the above but I'm really looking forward to trying them all out soon - this is my new "To Eat" list. :)
(If you want details of their locations, etc... do head over to the Official LYSF 2010 Website)

I have been really lazy, again, and just copied and pasted this whole list from alilfatmonkey. Do check out what he thinks of the event: Click here or go read the "official" write up on Friedchillies - Click here)

Thanks so VERY much to Adly, Honey, Alexandra and the rest of the Friedchillies team for the invite and great night at the Awards night in Wau Penyu...
(Good food, great company, fun night! - can't wait till the next round!)
(Ooh, and the videos were HILARIOUS. Can't get over the Old Spice Guy parody and the Char Kuey Teow Addict one too)


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  1. i wonder if they'll expand the categories in future years. it's soooooo unfair that assam laksa gets a mention, but my much-beloved, much-desired curry laksa doesn't, heheh :D

  2. LOL.
    Well, wouldn't mind a few sweet categories too! - Ice Kacang, Cendol... etc.
    .. but even currently, the "To Try/Eat" List is getting a bit too long already!


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