Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lunch @ Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore

Food review, and one of my most treasured secret recipes, just for you :)...


1) One serving of Black forest mojito (SGD 17++):
(Can be replaced with other flavoured mojito/ cocktail of your choice)
This can be considered as a healthy fruit drink ah?...

2) One beautiful beach:
Man made beach, but still very nice...

3) Several portions of Eye Candy:
Beautiful bodies line the beach...

4) MORE Eye Candy, just in case:
Hotties (well, some of them were anyway) lounging in and around the pool...


Hope you enjoyed this "recipe" that I shared with you.....
(It's one of my most favourite, treasured ones...)

This time, I found ample "ingredients" at the Tanjong Beach Club on Sentosa Island, Singapore, during my recent trip to go for ZoukOut 2010.

- You can sit by the open area:
Feels like an island resort!...

- Or sit by the covered bar area:
Lots of people chilling out on that Saturday afternoon....

While we sat there, enjoying the sunshine, we nibbled on the adorable little TBC sliders (SGD 16++):
6 cute lil' burgers...

While they were small in size, they lacked nothing in juicy yumminess, with its fluffy buns (not starchy - yay!), thick meaty beef patty and oozing melted cheese:
Cross section of the moist beef patty, mid NOM...

Unfortunately, the interesting Watermelon and pork skewers (SGD 12++) that we ordered didn't taste as nice:
High class, non-Halal satay?...

Overall while it wasn't bad or anything like that, I found that the cubes of pork weren't flavorful or tender enough and didn't match very well with the watermelon.
(Was kinda disappointed)

When I took a bite of the Truffle fries (SGD 12++) though, all was forgiven:
Carb-y bliss!....

First of all, the texture was perfect - thick cuts of potato, crisp on the outside yet fluffy and moist on the inside without any hint of that horrid starchiness that you can get with yucky fries.....

... and all that deliciousness was amplified by the hint of earthy truffle scent and little bits of cheese coated on the french fries.
(OMG. Bliss)

Needless to say, I had a really nice time that day.
(Can't wait to go back there, if only for the awesome truffle fries *DROOL*)

Do not be insulted when they bring you the bill/ ask for payment the moment they serve up all your food - that's just their standard procedure.... :)
(It's NOT because you look dodgy/ suspicious)

So, it's: Simple, yummy food by a beautiful man made beach that will make you feel like you are no longer in the concrete jungles of Singapore BUT ok, so the food isn't exactly cheap/ affordable and the service can be slightly inattentive (yet friendly) if you are seated too far from the main bar area....

Summary Information:
Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa, Singapore

Opening Hours: (Tues to Sunday) 11am till late
Phone: +65 6270 1355
Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 098942 (On Sentosa Island)
(Also, join their Facebook/ Twitter for constant updates on events and sunshine/rain conditions)

Map: (Below)



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- Dawn Yang clapbangkiss
- Gastronommy

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  1. firstly, no it cannot be considered a health drink. secondly, chis, i cannot even see the eye candy:P

  2. To ciki:
    LOL. The eye candy component is there but beat to see
    it in real life la.
    (cis. I m trying to highlight the good points of this place but still keep this blog work safe laaaaaaa. :p)

  3. Mmm. I wouldn't mind dropping the cocktails and the beach and just up the portions of eye candy! ;)

  4. Hmmm, how come I have a feeling that you've been to Sentosa more than me ar? Haha! Siloso beach party happening today! I'm not going la, cus old oredi. Hehe.

    Happy 2011, J! Wishinh you a fun and tasty year ahead! :)

  5. to Life For Beginners:
    Haha.. Well, you can tweak this "recipe" according to your taste/ preference - not a problem at all. ;P

    to HairyBerry:
    LOL. Well, it's nice to go there to breakaway from the concrete jungle-ness of Singapore lah. :P
    (Happy Happy New Year to you too, Mr Hairy! *hugs* Hope you have a great year ahead)

  6. Wishing you and your family a splendid year ahead with good tidings coming your way. Happy New Year!

  7. that recipe isn't complete yet! the final step is to take the eye candy back with us to our hotel room! :D

  8. to babe_kl:
    *BIG HUGS*
    ... and to you too! May you be blessed with more happiness than your heart can hold, today and all the days that follow. :)

    to Sean:
    That's the secret ingredient to make this recipe really delicious, and a little bit spicy too! ;P


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