Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Random year end musings. No food so just skip this post, if you want....


1) I Am Lucky but Unlucky
Case in point: My car broke down twice this year, but both times it happened when I was already safely at my destination.
(I would just like to take this moment to thank God/ Guardian Angel/ Divine Power watching over me - Really. Thank You so very much... I really appreciate it....)

2) The World is REALLY Small
Case in point: It turns out that I am 3 degrees of separation from Jho Low!
(... which essentially means that I am 4 degrees of separation from Paris Hilton! *GASP*)

3) It's Tiring Being An Adult
Case in point: All my mini arguments/ headaches with the banks/ etc.
(Good Lord ppl. I actually do take pride in paying promptly, IF I get the appropriate notice lah. Don't give me grief if its just a case of miscommunication and/or how disorganised you really are)

4) Life is Short
Case in Point: My parents seem to be attending more and more wakes (of their friends and acquaintances) in recent years.
(My heart is filled with fear.... Sure, they annoy me from time to time, as I'm sure I annoy them too... but at the end of the day, I love them and wish they could live happily and healthily forever. *sigh* What can I do?)

Still in shades of (year end) blue,

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  1. Hey cheer up babe! Best thing possible to do is to continue being thankful over the small blessings, and the fact that loved ones are still healthy. And now that the ruminating is done, go have a festive drink with your parents!! :-)

  2. even though you might hear or read this countless times... they do have a point when saying "always look at the bright side of life"!
    I always thanks for what have been given to me rather than whining on what I don't have!
    (well, sometimes I do whine a little bit but hey, that's life)

  3. reading this is making me feel contemplative too! i guess we all know that we're supposed to be thankful and happy for what we have and to count our blessings, but it's tough to feel that way all the time.
    but here's wishing that 2011 will be better for you than 2010. we'll all have ups and downs next year, unexpected setbacks and troubles, but hopefully, there'll be lots of unexpected joys and pleasures in store too =)

  4. to minchow:
    Haha. Yeah, cheers to that! :)
    (Hope you have a happy and blessed celebration with your parents and loved ones too)

    to thule aka leo:
    I always try to remember that... but somehow around year end I still always feel a little blue.
    It usually passes though.. :)

    Anyway, thanks. Hope you and Jenn have a wonderful Xmas and new Year!

    to Sean:
    Yeah... *sigh* tis a case of Year End Fever, methinks.

    *hugs* Thanks though, for the well wishes... Hope you have a fantastically happy 2011 too, blessed with lots of laughter, good health and yummy food. :)

  5. Nice and whimsical :-)

    HAPPY NEW YEAR .. oops, Blessed Christmas first!

    Hugs from the Middle East...

  6. to Julian si:
    Thanks, and you too. :)


Appreciate your thoughts, opinions and feedback. :)