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Thai Som Tam @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

(Slightly delayed review) Simple place for authentic Thai food in KL....

I think the wonderful thing that food blogging has brought into my life is that not only do I have a creative outlet to share my daily yums with anyone who cares to read about it,...

... but that I have also gotten the chance to meet such nice people who are really passionate about food....
(Of course it helps that they are either also kind, hot, witty, fun, intelligent or more often than not, a combination of all of the above - making them excellent company too :P)

One of these lovely people, is Mr Paranoid Android, who introduced me to his favourite Thai restaurant (called Thai Somtam Seafood), located in the bustling Changkat Bukit Bintang/ Jalan Alor area.
(I had always written off the general Jalan Alor area as a tourist trap, but little did I know there was this little gem of a restaurant there)
The restaurant...

Sorry - the receipt has been misplaced. I think the meal did not come up to more than RM 30 per person anyway.... but I don't have the exact prices for each item.

Ooh, also, the photos are not from my usual (no longer very) trusty point and shoot camera - my battery went flat after that first photo (above) so I hijacked a nearby DSLR.

First up, an essential Thai salad - the Somtam (about RM 10):

Fresh slices of mangoes, tomatoes and long beans tossed in a piquant, slightly fishy (in a good way!) and spicy dressing - delicious! :)

Next up, instead of the usual Tom Yam soup, we ordered the Tom Sep (about RM 25):
(We opted for pork, but if I'm not wrong, there are other options available - eg. chicken or beef)
Claypot of spicy yum...

Deceptively clear but with floating red bits of chili as vivid warning of its potency, this was a wonderfully spicy and sour soup with a nice balance of herbs, albeit just a tad too salty.

The pork balls that came with the soup were also very yummy with just the right level of savouriness and bounce.
(This soup will most probably have you sweating and in pain, but loving it and wanting more... You could ask for it to be less spicy but what's the fun it that? :P)

As for the carb-y element, we had the Fried Pad Thai Noodles (about RM 10):

The texture of the noodles was ever so slightly chewy and sticky, with a tasty mix of savoury yet sweet and spicy. :)

The crispy deep fried Crispy Duck (about RM 15) was also delicious:
Crispy duck slices...

Whilst I would have loved for the slices to be slightly more meaty,... they were tender and faultlessly crispy, with the crumbley batter fried to golden brown perfection.
(Watch out though, it's not completely deboned)

As for dessert, I don't know what these are called, but they were sweet, slightly doughy and looked like cute little baby carrots:
Dessert on a stick...

I didn't like them that much but it's just a matter of preference - my soft spot is for all things chocolatey after all. :)

There was also an interesting bottled drink there which Mr Android told me is specially brought in from Thailand by the restaurant owner:
Exotic bottled drink...

Made from palm fruit, it was sweet and had an interesting flavor that I find hard to describe - definitely gonna order it again the next time though :)...

Mmmmmmm... What a meal!
Left the restaurant happy, with a warm, full belly and slightly scorched tongue.
(Thanks again, PA! *hugs*)

PS/ Oh man - A DSLR makes such a huge difference, don't you think so?

So, it's: Simple ambience, authentic Thai food for reasonable prices BUT nothing really bad to say except that the surrounding area can be a bit jammed/ hard to find parking - it is in the heart of KL, after all :)...

Summary Information:
Thai Som Tam @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Opening Hours: Lunch and dinner (approx 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 10pm)
Phone: ?
Address: 88, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
(Pretty much on the intersection of Changkat BB and Jalan Alor, a bit before the KFC)



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- Paranoid Android

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  1. pretty good shot wor.. for hijacking other ppl's dslr..:D

  2. Ahaha, time to upgrade? :p
    Er, somtam i thought is papaya salad?

  3. Oh this is a gem indeed, and in the heart of crazy Changkat, no less! I did find the tomyam somewhat underwhelming though. Missed the duck!

  4. WOW! I MUST GO!!! I have been perpetually looking for authentic Thai food. The ones we have at the Malls are really pseudo Thai, cooked to suit the local taste buds.
    The worst is the Kampung style Thai food. They are basically Halal Food with Tom Yam thrown in

  5. wah! small world C&C have been eating here since the dawn of time! do u know you can buy all the super hot dry chili and thai fish sauce from them too;) great place i tell ya. Cheap as well:)

  6. nice nice photos!
    and thanks for sharing this up :) sourish and spicy food is best for nowwww

  7. to taufulou:
    Thanks. :)
    I wish I can say it's because I am so naturally talented, but I think his camera+lens is just very good, easy to use and he gave me some instructions.

    to joe:
    I oso want! But no marnee.
    You send me some AUD?

    to jason:
    I am waiting for Xmas present/ trying to save up for Panasonic Lumix G2/GF2... :)
    (Oops. Is it? I tot som tam just means salad)

    to minchow:
    Didn't try it but what a waste! (that the tom yam there is underwhelming)

    to Brother B:
    Let's go makan together-gether! :)
    (Love Thai food too)

    to Ciki:
    Cheap and yummy - my favouritest combination when it comes to food. :) :) :)

    to Ai Wei:
    My pleasure to share yummy happiness. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

  8. Nice yummy mouth-watering stuff there!
    Time to upgrade yr camera, hehe!

  9. ooh, the crispy fried duck looks quite interesting (usually it's chicken at other places?). i do like thai food (especially the southern thai mild meat curries with potatoes), but my digestive system reacts poorly to spicy food! so alas, i probably only eat thai food once a month at the very most...

  10. anything Thai definitely intrique me :) will check it out, that is.. if I'm in that area!

  11. to PureGlutton:
    I think so too but not enough budget. :(
    (I will happily accept donations though. :P)

    to Sean:
    Well, there are always non spicy options (like the duck)... and the spicy dishes can always be adjusted to levels which will not kill ur digestive system.
    (The restaurant ppl were friendly and flexible, but then again maybe it's because I was seated with Paranoid Android who is a regular there)

  12. to thule aka. leo:
    Me too! - love Thai food. Hope you will enjoy it. :)

  13. Hey, I found you and I think I will follow you around a bit too.

  14. to cinafong:
    Hello. *waves* :)
    Nice of you to drop by, and hope that you will enjoy the food that I blog on....
    (Nothing makes me happier than spreading the joy of yummy food)

  15. I also been there for few times.l agree what he say.

  16. I also been there for few times.l agree what he say.

  17. to Wongduen ho:
    I miss this place so much. :( I'm not working in KL anymore so havent been there for so long!

  18. We just at here and the food was terrible.

    Ordered the Tom Yum soup and it came with maybe 4 or 5 shrimp, nice size, but cold... I guess they were precooked and just threw them in without bothering to warm them first?

    The soup was just plain & boring. No herbs, no nothing really... just slightly warm sink water with cold shrimp.

    Total cost for that lovely soup? 15 Ringgit

    Pad thai was standard but tiny.

    "lemonade" was some sort of lemon concentrate... too much of it and some sugar.

    The bathroom reeked of urine, and the door was open.. and that door opens right onto the kitchen.

    The manager was more interested in her phone than what was happening in the restaurant.

    Just keep away from this place, trust me.


  19. to Matt:
    I havent been back there for quite a while (because I've moved to Sg for work) but I'm sad to hear that it's gotten so bad. :(

    It's one of my fave places, and came highly recommended by my friend's Thai friends....


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