Monday, December 10, 2007

Dedicated To No One

My current anthem.....

It's funny when you find that one song where the lyrics and rhythm and melody seem to combine perfectly to touch your soul, like it's resonating to the beat of your heart.

Over the last few weeks, I've been listening to/ humming this Matchbox Twenty song (named Disease) to get me through the day:

It's everything I could possibly want in a song right now - totally conflicted, angry yet sad, strong yet human and filled with love, hate, melancholy and a little pinch of regret.....

I'm still so emo!
(Should be ashamed - I should be getting too old for this)

Anyway, it's a nice song... It's probably a little loud for some but well.. *shrugs*.. I like it a lot lah. As much as I like RnB and ballads and jazz and the classics, I think you'll never be able to take that little bit of rock out of my soul.....

Signing off,
J the Chocoholic

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  1. Cheer up! Checkout a huge database of songs and stream for FREE at

    Hope you get through whatever you are facing now ... remember, the best is yet to come.


  2. to alex:
    Thanks for the interesting link.
    (Yay - free songs!)
    And thanks a lot for the kind words...
    I am trying to stay positive... but I have to admit: It's difficult sometimes - especially when I see couples walking around all lovey dovey... *sigh*

  3. Hey gal,

    I still go through what you are going through too.

    And my official break up song is Timbaland ft. OneRepublic's Apologize...that speaks so much to me.

    We will blast the music to everyone!!!!!

  4. to lyn:
    Ooh - that's a nice song too!
    I guess we all need our own personal anthems... Strange but it does seem to help somehow.

  5. hey gal...yeah!!!

    An anthem to help us along the way right? Haven't been catching it on the radio quite a bit. I just hope the djs don't kill the know how they get right???


  6. to lyn:
    Yeah - I know what you're talking about... Although I think some/ most radio stations are more guilty of killing songs by totally overplaying them....


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