Friday, December 14, 2007

The End Is Nigh

Wish me luck.....

Where the Hell did the year go??
Dammit - I can't believe that 2007 just went by so quickly!

Overall, I'd say it's been a pretty bad year in most all areas...
I have been and still am (despite my best efforts) feeling unbelievably angsty over numerous things:
1) Work:
Honestly, I know I've been told (verbally) that actions are being taken already but this is really getting out of hand! If I don't see even an outline/ shadow of what has been hinted to me soon (in writing, mind you) then I really don't see any future in my job...
(It's especially dangerous since I have heard that my bosses will probably move on to other roles next year.... Baseless rumours? Or truths? Dunno....)

2) Money:
Don't even get me started.

3) Love life:
All my friends seem to be getting married.
Don't get me wrong. I am genuinely happy for them.... Very happy that they found The One they love dearly and want to spend the rest of their lives with (who coincidentally love them back just as much and have also no intention of sharing their lives with anyone else).
I am beginning to think that my One doesn't exist.
And I'm also beginning to suspect that maybe there's just something wrong with me.

4) Worst of all: Health/ Fitness:
I've only lost one pound...
Despite the whole "work out more/ eat more carefully" routine, I've only managed to lose ONE miserable pound. ONE.
(Ok, so I haven't exactly been going 3 times a week consistently but it's already a damn lot more than before)

BAH, I say!

I only hope that 2008 will be a better year...
But then again, how much worse could it possibly get?
(NO GOD, please do not try to inflict a sense of irony onto J following that last question. Thank you very much, O' Omnipotent One!)

Counting down to 2008,

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  1. hi J,

    sorry to hear that you are feeling blue...perhaps the holidays or the wedding season is making you feel this way?

    perhaps you should go for a silent retreat - and do some soul searching. what do you really want in life? is having a partner THAT high as priority on the list? i dont have a partner, and i'm looking for one too, but i cherish what i have. when it comes to career, know what you want out of it. if it isnt there, move on.

    about health, it isnt an overnight thing. i took 6 months to shed off 10kg. why 6 months that long? cos i didnt make it my lifestyle to exercise and eat healthily. now i exercise daily, avoid fast food and deep fried food, and lots of fresh fruits and vege. so once you set your mind to make it your lifestyle to do the right thing, you will see the inches coming off :)

    hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Hey babes,

    The world doesn't all seem that bright for a while. I know what you mean. We are both going through something similar the last few months in the love life department but i believe that there is something better out there for all of us. Including you my dear. Life's never as easy as we hope it would be. But making it yours to call your own is what makes life all the more special.

    I believe you are a special individual that deserves nothing less than a beautiful life. We both do. So do the rest of the world. Chuck the ones who don't see that. They don't deserve us. Hehehe...

  3. to torchbearer:
    Yup... You've got it spot on.
    It's definately holiday/ wedding season that's the source of this blue feeling... Can't help it....
    Anyway, thanks for the advice.
    I'll try to put it to good use - especially the one about the exercising and dieting.

    to lyn:
    Awww.... thanks girl.
    Yeah - We do deserve all that and more!
    (I just hope that we can find it sooner rather than later)

  4. ouch ouch..well 1 pound is only the beginning..there should be many pounds to go for 2008 ok?

  5. to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    I hope so! - If not then I'm in big trouble....
    Not only is it unhealthy to be overweight but (sadly) it's quite rare for guys to be attracted to plump girls, even those with a good personality!
    If only men learnt how to appreciate a little meat on a woman rather than just skin and bones.....

  6. :)

    Btw, I realise I'm very .. hug-wise inept.. I just freeze there.. lol.

    Sorry to see you leave so early the other day.

    Take care.
    We should resume Sat night dinners. Problem is, who's gonna organise?

  7. Hahaha... I so agree with you Joa on the perception of men abt women needing to be skinny...

    Men and skinny women - why?
    I don't mind dating men who are not exactly reed fact i dated someone who was plump. We parted ways not because of size but because of difference in personality... no this is not the recent guys, come less shallow...

  8. to soojc:
    That's ok - it's probably better (ie. less painful) if you don't hug back anyway.
    Yeah. We definately should start the Sat night dinners again properly... but maybe in 2008? A lot of people of busy with work (like me)/ going on holiday/ spending time with family/ just plain broke (me again) because of the year end holiday season....

    Any particular restaurant that you want to try?

    to lyn:
    You said it!
    I personally prefer men who are not so skinny.... If only because skinny men make me look fatter in comparison... Haha...
    Personality/ compatability is definately key though!

  9. Hmm forgetting your other non-married friends are we? :P

    Anyway, regarding your diet etc: Don't stress too much about it. Weight loss isn't the only thing that you should aim for. Do a quick internal check - how's your fitness level, strength level, endurance, stamina? Even if it doesn't seem to translate to weight loss I dare say your body is seeing some major improvements in those areas. Don't forget, muscle mass weighs more than fat, so even if you are getting fitter and losing fat, your overall weight may not budge much because of this (hahah I tell this often to comfort myself).

    Also, take a look at your fitness and dietary routine. I myself am working towards a more healthy weight range for my body-build, so we can totally be buddies in this. :P I do recommend that you pick up weight training, if you haven't already - as a female you won't have to worry about bulging muscles (all that's due to testosterone), plus increased muscle mass means more fat-burning even when you're not exercising! And even if you're doing mainly cardio for now, take heart, your metabolism level is probably creeping higher. So in conclusion: just keep at it, and remember to use other standards of measurements other than overall weight loss (to motivate yourself).

  10. to ninashah:
    Haven't forgotten at all! - it's just that our numbers are DWINDLING RAPIDLY! (so it's depressing)

    Oi. BTW, which gym do you go to?
    Let's go together-gether lah. Maybe that'll help me be more motivated?

  11. Hahaha, well, look at the bright side, we get to enjoy weddings without the stress. XD (says I who enjoys tagging along at these things)

    I go to True Gym at Jaya33? It's a pretty good gym, but right now I need extra motivation too, because I work in KL now, so extra malas to go to gym!! :D

  12. to ninashah:
    Tru Gym @ Jaya 33?
    Ooh ok... We're just not meant to be then!
    Eh, change to Fitness First passport membership lah. Then you can go work out at whichever outlet is nearer to you on weekdays and we can go to the one at the Curve together on weekends!


    The trouble is, I thought TF was the better deal than FF, so I didn't continue my membership there. And with TF, I'm now tied to a 2-yr contract, so ain't be going nowhere anytime soon. *le sigh*

    I can't really regret it, because it is a pretty good deal, it's just transportation (+motivation!) that's the masalah. ^_^

  14. to ninashah:
    If there's a will, there will be a way!

    So just work hard on the "will" part and the rest should come naturally.
    (Easy to say but hard to do, I know... I also suffer from major dips in motivation on some days/ weeks/ months)


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