Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No Food Update

Time to roll out the excuses.....

I am busy.
Really really busy.

And I am depressed.
Very very depressed.
(Long story. Shan't go into it now)

Anyway, bear with me for a bit.... I'll update (on food) as soon as I can but it's probably not going to be for another week at least.
(Not only do I not have the time for it right now but with my current mindset/ mood, I will probably be wrongly but heavily biased to think that everything tastes horrible... except alcohol that is - alcohol tastes great)

I SO need a hug and for someone to tell me that everything is going to be OK,
J the Chocoholic

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  1. dun be depressed lah, here I give you big hugs

  2. JQ - You can get a hug from me anytime. AND i can assure you that everything will be better. Just tahan a while ok? Hugs and lotsa love V

  3. (((HUGSSSS)))

    everything IS going to be alright =)

    well, if it doesn't by saturday, there's always alcohol at luna :P

  4. to wuching:
    *hugs back*
    (I'll probably still be depressed for at least a while more though, but really appreciate the concern...)

    to hsin:
    Thanks girl....
    You hang in there too, ok?
    Remember that you can call me/ get a hug from me anytime as well!

    to jo-lyn:
    Thank ye kindly for the re-assurance.
    I can't make it on Saturday though!
    (Well, I may be able to pop by much later - I have a wedding to attend)
    Can save some alcohol for me ah?
    I may need a heavy round after sitting through another "happily ever after" dinner...
    (Although I truly am happy for the couple.... but still... *sigh*)

  5. Hi, don't be sad! *hugs* Whatever it is, it will soon pass!

  6. to leila_nile:
    Thanks darling...
    I just hope it'll pass by faster...

  7. oops.. I guess i'm a little slow..

    I think you can claim one from me.. :D
    i promise NOT to hug back.. for fear of breaking bones/etc..

    and everyone! let's not all be depressed..

    Life is a journey that's full of bends, and you never know what's gonna be round the next.
    Remember the good, discard the bad.
    Point is to move on.

    Ok.. I'll stop doing the chicken soup thing now.

  8. Oh, babe :(

    Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggg!!!! A hug for however long it takes to pass...

    And here's an extra hug just because.


  9. JQ, everything will be all right... I HOPE!


  10. Hey babes, huge hugs for ya babes...feeling depressed is part of my repertoire for now...but there's always something to look at to brighten up your life!

    We shall go eat eat and party!!!!


  11. don worry you can do it one.!

    and dont worry about food, just savour the alcohol..its good!

  12. to soojc:
    Well, if I want to accidentally but purposely break some ribs to get MC for a couple of weeks then I'll cash in that hug, ok?
    And thanks for the chicken soup routine - it's really comforting (in small doses).

    to s:
    Thanks dear....

    to nina:
    I hope so too!
    *BIG HUGS back*

    to lyn:
    Us girls gotsa stick together!
    Sounds great - lets go for many rounds of makan and partying to cure both our depressions.
    Just give me a buzz, anytime!

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    Unfortunately, I suspect that the "happy happy alcohol" budget that I set aside may not last long enough to cure my heartache....
    Maybe I should just buy plenty of chocolates?

  13. the chocolates would cause the diet to falter in vain...
    but hey, I haven't broken anyone's bones yet.. I'm sure I have enough ermm.. test dummies.. I mean, friends to prove it.

    But, you know where to go for chicken soup.. Still smiling in the face of everything.. ;)

    Be happy and look on the bright side, cos sometimes, that's all you can do.

  14. hey ya....

    I agree with SJ! I actually lost some weight in the process of my mm hmm... you know what I mean... but I have since picked up eating again!!!! the joys of it...not good I tell you...

    but yes...we will go makan makan...

  15. to Soojc:
    Thanks man....
    (Thanks especially for the warning on the chocolates - I try to be careful not to lose control and go overboard with the emotional eating)

    to lyn:
    Makan-ing sounds good!
    We'll start this Friday and let's see how we go from there lah.
    (Oh, but everything in moderation! I don't want to totally ruin my figure - just enough eating to soothe the soul a bit will suffice)

  16. :| hope am not too late to give you a big big hug!!!! don't be depressed okay... it's not going to do any good to your health! *hugz* everything will be okay, take it easy yah..

  17. Hang in there. I am sure everything will be alright soon. HUGSSSSS

  18. to meiyen:
    No, don't worry.
    It's definately not too late.
    *HUGs back*
    Thanks for the concern. I'll try to stay positive.

    to anonymous:
    Not sure who you are O' Mysterious One but thanks for the kind words....

  19. Yes...friday it is!!!!! We gals will stand on our own two feet and be strong!!!!!

  20. to lyn:
    Grrl power! Yeah!
    (I'm really looking forward to Friday too....)


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