Monday, December 31, 2007

Year End Review

From 1 to 365 days in a blink of an eye.....

How did I score with my 2007 resolutions?:
1) Just lose the extra 5 pounds as a start,
Only 1 pound lost... but that's better than nothing, right?

2) Read at least one (non-fiction) book every 3 months,
Haven't been reading many books...
But reading up on work stuff counts! (Well, I think so anyway)

3) Negotiate much harder for a better increment (at least 6%),
I give up on this one. I've already tried my best but if my boss doesn't think I'm worth keeping then it's just too bad. Oh well, in 2008 this resolution is amended to: FIND A NEW JOB, ASAP.

4) Be nicer to parents and darling bf.
FINALLY - Success!I have been relatively nicer to parents and no longer have a bf so that resolution doesn't count anymore!

5) Drink less alcohol! Drink more water!
This resolution on the other hand, I have failed miserably at.

I guess I'll just have to try harder to achieve my resolutions in 2008....
I know some of them have been continually recycled since God knows when but I think it's good to keep it in the list and just keep working on it till I succeed.

In the meanwhile, I want to wish a big, hearty Happy (Gwailo) New Year 2008.....!


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  1. Happy New Year !

    KL,PJ,USJ,Klang, Pg, Lumut

  2. Happy New Year!!! :)

  3. to team bsg, wuching and jemima:
    Thanks for the well wishes!
    *BIG HUGS all around*
    I hope that you will all be blessed with a happy, healthy and prosperous 2008!

  4. Hey babes,

    My new resolutions went down the drain except for my work related now I'm working on my personal ones...

    Oh and if you peep by my blog, you'll see that I've moved on from being sel pitying idiot to a newly grown woman!!!!

    Hehehe... we can both move together to make sure MEN as idiotic as they can be no longer hurt us career minded women any longer...of course it does not mean that we won't date of course...hahaha...

    HAPPY 2008 girl!

  5. to lyn:
    Glad to hear you're feeling better/ more empowered. I'm not quite there yet but I suppose over time....

    Anyway, happy 2008 to you too!

  6. Dude, now that you've broken up, NOW can you talk to us about your ex-boy?! :P

    'eppy new year eh. :D

  7. Hey gal,

    it will take time. I know it took 2 months for me but there is no guarantee that i will not think of him and all that...just takes time...

    need a shoulder to cry on or to talk to, i'm there!

  8. to ninashah:
    You just take it that I'm weird lah.
    Happy New Year too!

    to judithlyn:
    Well, I hope that I will have an ephiphany after I go past the 2 month mark too....
    Maybe it'll take longer for me? Who knows.... but thanks for he support!

  9. Hehehe...babes...not to worry...give it time. Everyone's telling me the same thing. So I am...

    After behaving like a total idiot, you'll know whether you've crossed the bridge halfway or totally across. You just need to go it alone. Like me... My last cry was 1 Jan 2008. I do not know whether I can categorize it as my last, but I doubt that I'll be an emotional spastic individual anymore... hehehe


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