Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Busy Bee

Time is passing mighty fast this week....
I've been really busy so the hours are zipping past at light speed...
Feeling so tired... been travelling non-stop around the whole of KL/ PJ for the last few days...

Luckily there's a nice long weekend to look forward to...
(Yay for public holidays! Hip hip hooray!)

Unfortunately, this public holiday on Friday and the on-coming long Deepavali+Hari Raya break is a bit too bittersweet for my taste:
On one hand - *happy dance* It's a holiday! *happy dance*
On the other hand - So many people will be taking off for long holidays that it will confound my efforts to complete my report..... *bleh*

Will have to cross that bridge when I get to it I suppose....

I must say though: Hooray for Malaysia! All hail thee O' Beautiful Land of Multiculturalism (and the amount of religious public holidays that come hand in hand with that)

And now, a sight for (making) sore eyes:

Round 3 of Cosplay- The Horror Continues



I have no blinkin' idea what the f*** he is supposed to be either...

Anyone want to guess?

ps/ This time, I have at put up a pic with at least a little eye candy in it. If you can stand to look at the above pic long enough, do have a glance at the girl in the white lingerie standing behind the man-thing. Not quite Angelina Jolie but... *shrug*... enjoy.

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