Monday, October 10, 2005

Disappearing Act

It's been a pretty tiring weekend....
...very mentally draining...
I spent most of it in the hospital, with my parents..
(my dad isn't feeling well)

... and it's going to be a pretty tiring week...

So,... a quick message to my homies (because I am too cheap to SMS):


To those who wanted to watch the Short Movie Festival thingy at HELP:

Sorry... (especially to Sin and Huey Yee)... I know it was my idea... and it's not very nice of me to cancel at the last minute....

To those who went for dinner on Saturday:

Really missed the whole weekly catching up session...


...but I suppose there will always be next week...



Anyway, here's a random bad cosplay photo for a laugh...

(Get ready for it..... *drum roll*)


Sailormoon: The After-Years
(AKA. Long Term Effects of Steroids on Cute Japanese Sailor-Scouts)


*eyes beginning to tingle*




*intense burning sensation in eyes*

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  1. These men are sumo wrestlers. :)
    I think it's a wonderful cosplay x)
    Given the humor of it all. . .

  2. to xmeimi:
    Well, I'm not sure if
    I would classify it as wonderful (it's relative!)... but for sure I'm pretty amazed on how very brave (and comfortable with their sexuality) they are to cosplay in such a way!


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