Friday, October 28, 2005


Notice that there have been no updates?

I'm ~that~ busy.....


It's been a crazy week.....
...been working insane hours, clocking in an average of 14 hours a day.....

I suppose there are some upsides of waking up at unGodly hours to get to work early though.
The drive to my office has been an absolute breeze and the watching the sunrise everyday has been really nice....

Sunrises are amazing....
...a different one every day.... shades of navy blues and purples...
...vivid scapes of yellow and pink...
Ah.... nature's beauty.

(yeah, yeah... I know I am ranting over nonsense, but do let me console myself in some small way lah...)


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    Penny For Your Thoughts

    14 hours a day? Woah. Crazy.

    I'm up about 18 hours per day (6am til midnight), and you work 14 hours a day...

    That's a nice photo though. I like the different shades of colours in the sunrise.
    William | Homepage | 10.28.05 - 11:00 pm | #


    Yeah... tell me about it..

    Anyway, yeah... I love the photo too.
    I put up that particular one 'cos it looks just like the sunset I saw the other day.

    J | 10.30.05 - 8:35 pm | #


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