Sunday, October 02, 2005

Bon Anniversaire Le Grenouille!


Happy birthday, big guy!
Yups, our Monsieur Pincon is officially older today
(He has safely survived yet another year in one piece, without any grievious incidences... well... pretty much anyway)

Here're some photos of Patrick, the birthday boy, at Albert's bachelor pad, unveiling his present.....

Voila! Le Gift....

Inner Monologue: "Ph34r M3! 1 4M T3H P@TT@R!"

Well, Pat, I hope you like the present...

(It's sorta a graduation/birthday gift, but anyhow...)
It's really nice to see you in something that is NOT a t-shirt, for a change.....
(Good Lord, it's so hard to find stuff that fits a 6' 3" guy, in Malaysia though!)
(...unless you so to woefully overpriced designer stores, of course...)

*evil snicker*
He'll never suspect that I laced the shirt material with arsenic.....

*nervous laugh*
... nobody heard that, right?

Alright, gotta go!
*exit stage right*

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1 comment:


    Penny For Your Thoughts

    ...i think arsenic's only good if u eat it...

    ...where'd you put the kit kats?

    Though I think the nail to the back of the head (see fig.1, Birthday Boy in Albert's Bachelor Pad) should be more effective.
    sneexe | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 2:50 am | #


    Haha,... no, I did my homework...

    It's possible to poison someone through absorbtion of arsenic through skin (minimal) and open wounds...

    and erm...
    what Kit Kats?
    *innocent smile*

    J | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 12:47 pm | #


    Lol! Thanks for the shirt Joa (*hugs!* Tell no one!) - you can be sure that i'll be putting it to good use.

    Btw, arsenic can be laced onto certain foodstuffs - specifically ones which are dry and not too oily (eg. raw nuts, popcorn in a pinch, etc.)
    Pat | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 6:01 pm | #


    Hmmmm,... nuts? popcorn?
    How ~clever~!
    Hmmm,... wait a minute... why does it sound like you have done this before?

    J | Homepage | 10.04.05 - 6:24 pm | #


    *choking sounds*
    paul | 10.05.05 - 10:24 am | #


    Wow.... such brotherly love...
    J | Homepage | 10.05.05 - 8:10 pm | #


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