Wednesday, October 12, 2005

** Star Wars Version: Chinese Whispers **


Top of the morning to y'all....

Nothing too exciting happening on my end...

My Week, so far:

  • Worked,
  • My dad is feeling better .....*yay*,
  • Pondered the meaning of life,
  • Found out that I have to be in Kuantan for the next 2 days... *sigh*.

In any case, here's a funny forwarded email I got from my friend May Yee that I thought I'd share with y'all (This is for all the Star Wars fans out there):

Original post:

I saw revenge of the sith last weekend at a local theater with my friend joe who was in town on business. it was much better than the first two movies and a fitting end (err.. middle) to the star wars saga. The next day I was walking past my friendly dvd salesperson and decided to check out revenge of the sith.

I was assured the quality was good and for 7rmb why not give it a shot. Aside from the counters on the top of the screen and a distorted perspective it was ok- not high quality but watchable. The captions were a hilarious surprise- a direct english translation of the chinese interpretation of what the script was saying. It varied from being somewhat close to the script to being 'far far away'....

....amazingly enough, the beginning scroll is mistranslated even though the words are right there on the screen. war (just one)

....'the backstroke of the west' is the english translation of the chinese title.

....anakin: "this is where the fun begins" wan: "let them pass between us" wan, space battle strategist. wan grows impatient with r2-d2.

.....the chancellor warns anakin and obi wan that count dooku is... big. wan assures the chancellor that it's no problem.

....count dooku talks tough.

....anakin taunts general grevious.

....the general fires off a snappy comeback.

....yoda: "premonitions? premonitions?"

....anakin: "obi wan, may the force be with you"

....anakin bargains for the life of his .... cuckoldry?

...c3po tells the amorous couple to get a room. wan can't face what he must do.

....yoda insists...

....anakin tells padme about his new virtues, now being both strong and big. wan has heard enough

....i love this translation. darth vader is actually shouting, "nooooooooooooo..."

The hazards of buying illegal DVDs.....
It's a good laugh though, for a few bucks.....

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    Penny For Your Thoughts

    It's been 5 mins since i read this and I'm still snorting and gasping for breath

    You just made my day! *wiping tears from eyes*
    s | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 2:02 pm | #


    Glad that you enjoyed it...
    (Yeah,... it's hilarious, innit?)

    I don't usually like to abuse other people with forwared emails but this one was just too darn funny...
    J | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 3:50 pm | #


    Pat | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 4:58 pm | #


    i can imagine the last 'nooooo' in chinese...'pu yaaaaaaauuu' LOL!

    Hmmm the chinese language doesnt seem to have just 'no', does it.

    Pu yau - dont want

    Pu bi - dont need/ not necessary

    Pu yung - dont need

    Pu ke yee - cannot

    Wo pu-ke-yee think of anymore right now.
    s | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 5:47 pm | #


    ooh i made mistake

    pu-ke-yee (cannot as in permission)

    Pu nen (cannot as in ability)

    Pu sing - dont allow

    Wah my chinese better than i thought le... yay!
    s | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 5:49 pm | #


    Or can someone just yell: "Puuuuuuu.........."

    Is that closer to a "No", I wonder?

    J | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 6:51 pm | #


    s: oh,.. and yay for your L33t Chinese Skillz!
    J | Homepage | 10.12.05 - 7:08 pm | #



    That actually got me starting to laugh at half past 11 when i'm barely even awake!
    William | Homepage | 10.15.05 - 10:30 pm | #


    Here's the original: west.html
    William | Homepage | 10.16.05 - 1:10 pm | #



    Thanks for sharing Will...

    How've you been anyway?
    Haven't seen/ heard from you in ages!
    J | 10.17.05 - 6:43 pm | #


    Yeah, not too bad.

    Just busy (as most working people seem to be).

    (I followed links from Pat's blog to here...). Nice site

    Oh, and if you know of any former Monash Caulfield students still in Melbourne, let them know that Monash is holding some sort of reunion it seems (
    William | Homepage | 10.17.05 - 8:09 pm | #


    Will do...

    Hmmm,... I wouldn't mind attending...
    except that I can't afford the airfare and accomodation and food cost...

    (Curse thee, foul exchange rate!)

    J | 10.18.05 - 8:28 pm | #


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