Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Fon-EW House

Top of the morning to you all.

(August 2007)

I was passing by this area in Hartamas the other day when I noticed that Fondue House has closed down! As far as I know they haven't opened another outlet anywhere else.....
(Does anyone know?)

Anyway, there are a couple of new restaurants (one Chinese and the other is Italian, I think) that have opened up in almost the same place - shall try it out as soon as I can.


The Dinner:

The restaurant this week was a real disappointment....
Many of us (myself ~especially~) were looking forward to a simple and delicious fondue dinner but the Fondue House only managed to provide us with:

  • Very very bad service - they missed half our orders, and
  • A mind-numbing (close to) 2 hour wait for our food - with the added pain of seeing tables that came in much later than us get their food (AND finish it) before we were finally served.

Hours later, with our bellies grumbling (and Kwong Heng almost blowing his top - it's NOT a pretty sight, I assure you) we were finally served.... Usually, the rule of thumb is that the hungrier you are, the nicer the food will taste....

Well, you know what? - this place breaks all the rules.

Here's what we got:

  • Salty cheese fondue with a tiny plate of accompanying meats and vegetables, AND
  • Tiny jar of runny chocolate fondue served with a plate of sour strawberries.

The half of the table that got food

The other half that did not get food until 2 hours later

A very hungry Ken - ~scary!~


To their defense though, apparently 2 of their waitresses called in sick that day and they have just opened last month... so hopefully they are just having some problems warming up to the whole F&B business and will improve in the next few months.....

At the end of the night, the owner was really nice and gave us 20% off our bill... but somehow, after waiting almost 2 hours for our food, it felt like too little, too late....

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

The Fondue House @ Hartamas

Taste: 4
Ambience : 5
Service : 4
Price** : RM 50/++ per person
Parking: OK

** Approximation - 2 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 6203 3346
Opening Hours: 11pm - 11am


(PSSSSST.... To Mr. Owner-of-Fondue-House, if you are reading this: I'm sorry if this review seems a bit harsh. You were really nice and friendly, but your restaurant needs some serious work! Please take the above comments as some constructive criticism that you can work on - No hard feelings, man)



    Penny For Your Thoughts

    My sentiments EXACTLY.

    Such a disappointment...
    Pat | Homepage | 10.20.05 - 4:54 pm | #



    It's just too bad tho...
    It would have been heavenly to have a good fondue....
    J | Homepage | 10.20.05 - 7:01 pm | #

  2. Was there in September. Service was ok. Chocolate fondue was good. However, the servings were paltry, and the seafood was not fresh.

  3. to anonymous:
    Well,.. it's good to hear that the service is improving, at least...

  4. I noticed strawberries in Malaysia are usually sour unlike the ones in US. I think they must have shipped them out from overseas before they were ripe and even though they change colour, they are still sour.

    (I LOVE your food review blogs!)

  5. to candy:
    (Awww... thanks! *blush*)
    Yeah - unfortunately, that's true...
    Most of the strawberries here are sour (but also expensive!)...
    Most probably, your guess is correct: The strawberries are mostly fully imported into Msia and have to be picked off the vine before they are fully ripe so that they don't all rot on the way over here...


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