Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Apricots & Cream - Haagen Daz Fashion Show?

A completely new approach to launching a new ice cream flavour :).........

Key learning: I know now that I will never be able to be a fashion photographer because out of about 50 shots, more than half were completely out of focus. Haha...

Anyway, it's really nice when people try a refreshing different approach when it comes to new products, in this case, the pairing of fashion with ice cream. :)
Summer Swah-ray? Or something liddat (Pardon my England, well... It's actually a French word anyway).....

Haagen Daz, in conjunction with its 15th anniversary in Malaysia, invited 5 young Asian designers to come up with a collection based around their new flavour: Apricots & Cream. This culminated in a fashion show in Bangsar Village to showcase their creations, whilst giving us the chance to sample their new ice cream flavour.

The venue - a makeshift garden in the middle of Bangsar Village 2:
A walk in the park.....

Nice Waiter: "Ice cream for you. miss?"
J: "Yes please, thank you! :)"...
(There were waiters moving around serving the main star of the evening - the new Apricots & Cream ice cream):
Tray full of goodies.....

Not bad - the new flavour was pretty refreshing - fruity and light yet creamy (Given a choice, I still prefer the Belgian Chocolate though, but I am a chocoholic after all so I'm completely biased *lol*...):

Daphe Iking, our gorgeous MC for the night:
What a body *jelez*... And she's a mum too!.....

The fashion show begins:
Leggy blonde in a cute cream coloured dress.....

Lots of pretty, playful dresses:

There's something large growing out of the side of her head? Or maybe I just don't understand fashion... :)...:
Most of the dresses were not exactly ready to wear.....

Wah, if her legs get any longer I think she'll be able to touch the ceiling
(NO, I'm not jealous :P):
Height, either you have it or you don't.....

All the models, lined up at the end of the show....
(Which dress do you like best?):
As pretty as the dresses looked on the models, I suspect most would make the average height+weight girl look like a poufy parasol.....

YAY! I won some vouchers during the quiz session!
(Guess where I'll be a lot, pigging out on delicious ice cream? :D :D)
Look! I'm holding 20 hours of gym time in my hand!.....

Anyway, before I sign off:
A big thanks to Regina @ Pat-Lin for inviting me for yet another delicious Haagen Daz event. :) Btw: You looked ravishing in your green dress lah - why were you hiding behind your program booklet?? :P


So, it's: A refreshing new flavour added into a range of yummy ice cream :) BUT it's not cheap, is it?.....

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  1. Nice meeting you at the Summer Soiree!!!

  2. yay! vouchers.. lets go!

  3. to Babe_kl:
    Was really nice to finally meet you too! And Captain Hook as well. :)
    Hopefully next time we'll be able to chit chat more. I'm sorry I had to zip off (prior arrangement).

    to Ciki:
    Can! I need someone to share the calories with me actually - thanks for volunteering. ;)

  4. Hey! I met you! Except I didn't know it was you LOL... friend of Karen :)

  5. to Pink Parisian:
    Oh, hi! :)
    *lol too*
    Well, was nice meeting you, despite us not knowing each other's secret identities/ alter egos at the time.
    (It's such a small world, isn't it?)

  6. Drooool ... wish I was there! Glad you guys enjoyed the night :-)


    ps - JQ , wah that's a heck a lot of icecream, slurrrp!

  7. to Julian Si:
    I had all of one scoop. Is not so much is it????? :(

  8. Oooh I can help you with 5hours of gym too. count me in. LOL

  9. to qwazymonkey:
    Thank you for volunteering for the elite Calories Dispersion Squad - Ur so helpful! :P :P

  10. I like the first blond! She's so skinny...her legs looked like sticks! Actually hor, all the models were waif-y. Gah...

  11. to Bangsar-bAbE:
    You like her because her legs are like sticks?? Haha...

    Wei..., my dear girl you are thin enough already - Don't lose anymore weight or you will disappear! Let's go makan-makan to help you maintain ur good figure, ok?

  12. Hey there... was that all of you could join us.. sorry - I havent gone into each personal blog to drop a note yet... I will soon... in my slow tortoise sorta way... maybe that is why I take forever to update my own blog...

    Anyway... looking at all your photos and postings, I take it you had a lot of fun. Am glad...

    Reggie (Pat-Lin)

  13. to coffeerox:
    Hi back! :)
    Well, it was definately great fun being there so thank you. :) :)

  14. Thank you for sharing
    I really like


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