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Isaki @ Sri Hartamas, KL

New non-Halal Japanese place in the Sri Hartamas area......

Yay - more options for us KL/ PJ ppl. :)
There's a new non-Halal Japanese restaurant in Sri Hartamas - on the corner, just a few doors down from Auntie Nat's:
Isaki at night...

A small army of Fortune Cats greet you inside the restaurant. I like the casual Japanese style interior, but the ventilation is a little bad (cool aircond, comfortable surroundings but the smell of bbq/ fried meat wafting in the air)... So, we chose to venture outside:

The outside seating is open air but it was a nice cool night:
Nice open air seating......

Some of the dishes there are pretty much like tapas/ dim sum size (meaning: small portions) so we ordered quite a few to share.

1) First up, the Pork Stirfried with Cabbage (Bacon Hakusai Itame)(RM 10 nett):
Plate of pork round 1...

Simple dish but nice - fresh, crunchy cabbage fried with small but juicy pieces of bacon... light flavor, with nice zing from coursely ground granules of pepper.

2) Next, Pork Stirfried with Chilies (Buta Shishilo Itame)(RM 12 nett):
Plate of pork round 2...

Another simple but nice dish - tasty slices of 3 layer pork fried with Japanese chilies (not spicy at all, tasted more like capsicum actually).

3) Pork in Mayo Sauce (Buta Mayo Itame)(RM 12 nett):
Plate of pork round 3!...

This was my favourite but it was also the richest/ most sinful. :)
Slices of yummy pork fried with onions, and doused with a lovely savoury mayo sauce.
(Great with rice)

4) Deep Fried Chicken Skin (Torikawa)(RM 6 nett):
The bowl of crispy chicken skin....

Ok tasting but was not my favourite....
The slices of chicken skin were quite crispy but also a bit too salty.
(I'm guessing this would taste really nice with beer/ sake though)

5) Tonkatsu Ramen (RM 16 nett):
The Tonkatsu Ramen...

This soup had a very rich, almost laksa-like taste & consistency - sweet and a bit thick, and the noodles were a little limp (overcooked maybe?). Anyway, the other 3 really liked this but I didn't.
(Tastebuds do vary after all)

6) Sushi Platter (RM 48 nett):
The yummy sushi platter....

Yummy! A perfect platter with a bit of everything. I especially liked the Soft Shell Crab Maki, wrapped in perfectly fluffy and moist Japanese rice and sprinkled with Bonito flakes. :) :) :)

7) Unagi Salad (RM 25 nett):
The Unagi salad.....

We realised that our dinner was a bit sinful (too much meat! haha...) so we tried to balance it out with a salad. Overall, I wouldn't mind ordering this again - I really liked the dressing (vinegar+ginger+oil I think).

8) Mango & Orange Sorbet (RM 10 nett):
The delicious sorbet...

We ended our night with a refreshing sorbet, interestingly presented in the orange skin as a "bowl". :)
(I found the texture to be creamier than the usual sorbet but liked it anyway)

Overall I really enjoyed our dinner there - and definitely looking forward to the next time. :) It's still new though... and I just hope that it doesn't suffer from the usual "New Restaurant Syndrome" (Main symptoms include: food+service very nice at first but slowly get worse over time).

So it's: Casual dining, nice dining area outside, good selection of interesting Japanese food, friendly service and supposed to be dog friendly (call to confirm - these things can change) BUT slightly bad ventilation inside,... and nothing much to complain (except that parking in that area can be a pain during lunch time)... :)

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Isaki @ Sri Hartamas, KL
Taste: 7
Ambience : 7
Service : 6
Price** : RM40 per person
Parking: OK (... but can be a bit difficult on weekdays)

** Approximation - Per person, 3 course dinner without drinks

Telephone No.: 03-6203 5562
Opening Hours: 11am till late


- Eat Drink KL
- Malaysia Finance PHOTO THIEF!!! *** BOOOOOO.....!!! >:(

Drama has been concluded. :) *** I have told Sean @ EatDrinkKL about this photo stealer but he said he's not angry. Makes my blood boil though. Grrr. I tried leaving a comment on that person's blog about this but he/ she/ it has comment moderation so maybe he/ she/ it has just deleted it. :( :( Hmmmm,... I wonder whether I should report that blog to Blogger for objectionable content? "Borrowing" without asking first or even bothering to put a link back to the original source is plain stealing, no matter which way you cut it, right?

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  1. did i tell you i went back there on sunday also? that makes 3 times in one week...eep*

  2. oh babe...maybe you could point out that it's a Pet friendly place too?

    not too many of those around, ey?

  3. to j:
    Wah. You just can't get enough of it?? Haha....
    (Wei, tak ajak pun. So mean :P)

    And I already put the comment about it being dog friendly in the summary part lerrr... :)

  4. J,

    I apologise for stealing the photos of Isaki ... not malicious... I know you foodies guard the photos closely... To me I just post n I search for related images, will ask permission next time, but the logistics takes a few days, so sian... anyways, no hard feelings i hope...

  5. to Salvatore_Dali:
    Well, you didn't take my photos in this case, it was Sean's @ EatDrinkKL.

    (IMHO) And it's not that we food bloggers are super protective of our photos. We love food, so we post about food to share the joy with others. :)

    But as a general rule (of humankind, not just food bloggers) - it's not nice to take anything without asking, don't you think so? :P :P

    If next time you take, at least a link back with a simple "Photos taken from XYZ's blog" is not so bad....

  6. J,


    sean, if u r reading, i apologise... anyway... i will take the photos down...

  7. Nice mix of colors and deceptively simple looking dishes !

    we heard there's one Jap buffet with unlimited beers and wines inclusive, somewhere in PJ. With your experience here this should be interesting !

  8. Ooh, dog-friendly, this is refreshing... esp since news is Sid's has been told they can't allow dogs anymore, health regulations apparently! Poor puppies....

  9. to Salvatore Dali:
    Well, no harm done I guess. Cheers man.

    to backStreetGluttons:
    Where??? :) :)
    Find out then let's all go makan!

    to 550ml jar of faith:
    Oh no. My doggie lover friends love bringing their furry children there. :(
    (I hope Isaki doesn't get any warnings fron the authorities too)

  10. Completely I share your opinion. Thought excellent, it agree with you.

  11. to anonymous:
    Well it's you, me n so many people who think Isaki is delicious! :)
    (Now it's always so packed with people during dinner time! Lunch time can be a big quiet though)

  12. In it something is. Clearly, thanks for an explanation.

  13. The matchless theme, very much is pleasant to me :)

  14. Time is money. (Every minute you waste is money lost).

  15. to anonymous:
    That's true. :)


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