Monday, July 06, 2009


Gluttons Unite! - A great night filled with fantastic food and even more fantastic company....

Muchos gracias to:
- Jun the fantastic host with his juicy rump (and other yummy Cordon Bleu level food),
- Nigel for his delicious cakes and cupcakes,
- Cheng Yi for the yummy Mee Siam, and
- (last but definitely not least) to everyone else for the great company that night!

:) :)

BIG hugs,

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  1. nice one J! hehe.. so cute wot chu did wiv da dog and da burger;)

  2. i take it with the mod-ed pics that you're not very busy at work hoh?? heehee :P :P :P

  3. to Cumi & Ciki:
    Thanks... :)
    Just trying my hand at photo editing.
    (It's gotten completely rusty! Haven't done it in a while...)

    to J:
    Of course busy lah. :P
    But I still have time to do it at home mah... (it doesn't take THAT long).


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