Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With Friends Like These

Location: Loong Foong Restaurant, Paramount Gardens, PJ, Malaysia
Occasion: Mini-reunion of some high school friends/ Friend's birthday dinner

J's question to guy friends:
"Hey, how come you all constantly called me fat when we were younger? I had a look at my old photos - I was really skinny!" *ponders*
"... And how come nobody called me fat when I gained all that weight in 2007?? At that time I really was so friggin' chubby!"

Their answer:
1) "Haha. Oh, you believed us ah?"
(Erm, yeaaaah.... Not at first, but after 4 guys continued calling me fat and making fat jokes, I started to believe it around the 2nd/ 3rd year of consecutive teasing...)
2) "Oh, it's not funny to call a fat chick fat mah... That's just mean. "

(=_=) *face palm*... Thanks a lot, guys....

Ach mein Gott,

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  1. haha thats quite true..when the fellow is obviously fat..theres not much point of calling them fat..

    but its friends like these that you will keep for life..

  2. to "Joe" who is constantly craving:
    Gee, lucky me.
    Haha... :)
    (I agree with you though, somehow friendships where you can jokingly insult/ give a good scolding, are the ones that last the longest)

  3. ROFL.. seilor. so farnee...


  4. Dont worry!! remember wot nigel sed!

    so long as your BOOBS stick out further than ur tummy.. its FINE! u still HOT!

    (lucky ur not flat chested:P)

  5. to mei:
    Lucky me! I'm voluptuous enough to distract from my flaws. Haha....

    I still have to shave off a few pounds though - just got nagged by my dad on the dangers of visceral fat.


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