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Majestic Bar @ New Majestic Hotel, Chinatown, Singapore

Earth moving carbonara in Singapore! - I think I'm in love...

This will be a food review with no prices, as it was food I consumed during a good friend's birthday party in Singapore... Normally, I wouldn't put up a post on this but it was a wonderfully rare combination of good ambience + good food.

The Majestic Bar is located next to the beautifully quirky boutique hotel in Singapore's Chinatown area, The New Majestic Hotel:
Outside the hotel....

On the hotel's outer side facade, an eye catching 2-storey art piece greets you:
The giant says "Hello!"....

And inside?: Well, my photos do absolutely no justice to the beautiful interior... :(

Seriously, you have to be there to really appreciate it! - there are 3 separate floors, one in a forest theme with the walls covered with a layer of felt leaves (as pictured below) and the special upper floor (for private functions) with a gorgeous indoor starlit sky illumintating the room:
The forest floor....

That night, we had a pre-arranged selection of some highlights of the restaurant's brilliant fusion menu. I'e heard from my friend that the menu there changes constantly though, so I don't know whether these will still be available the next time I go to Singapore (I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!):
Our menu for the night....

First up, the Trio starter with Garlic Prawn, Teriyaki Chicken and Lamb Tenderloin:
The 3 small but mouthwatering morsels....

*dreamy look on J's face*
I can say nothing bad about any of the 3:
- the prawn was fresh and juicy,
- the chicken was tender and tasty, and
- the lamb was simply to die for.

Expectations at astronomical levels after tasting the starter, we were not let down by the main, the Creamy Angel's Hair Pasta with Hokaido Scallop:
The heavenly Angel Hair pasta....

Here's the thing: I usually NEVER order cream based pastas:
1) It's got a gazillion calories,
2) (and more importantly) It's SO hard to find a good one.

.... but thank God there was no choice when it came to the menu that night or I would have missed out on perfection.... PERFECTION!
(Can you tell that I really liked it? Haha...)
- the sauce was luxuriously creamy yet not too heavy (so, not jelak at all),
- balanced by the delicate strands of angel hair which were perfectly al dente, and
- the lightly grilled scallop, dreamily succulent and fresh (again, perfect!).

To be fair, the soup (home made miso soup) and the dessert (lemon sorbet with grass jelly aka. cincau) were only ok... but the starter and main were so good that we were raving about it (with our eyes glazed over and mouths drooling) for days. Haha....

Like I said before, I'm not sure if you can get this stuff on the menu usually... but if the quality of the normal menu items are anywhere close to this then I'm definitely going to be there happily stuffing my face the next time I'm in Singapore. :D

So, it's: WONDERFUL fusion food (yummyyummyyummy), unique ambience BUT apparently it's quite expensive (based on other online reviews)....

Summary Information:
Majestic Bar @ New Majestic Hotel, Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore

Opening Hours: 11.30am - 3pm, 6.30pm - 11pm
Phone: +65 6511 4718
Address: 31 - 27, Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089845


(But it's mostly of the Majestic Restaurant, which is part of the same hotel)
- Various reviews @ Yum.Sg
- Chubby Hubby

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  1. We have heard many good things about Singapore's (modern state of the art !) fusion food where it has also been said that they claim invention credit for many so called indigenous Malaysian favourites such as BKT/CKT and so on...

    ... but we do give them maximum credit for clean creative food innovation ! So your instant love affair with Mr Efficient is understandable !
    p/s probably 1 Aug 09 riana pub evening 6pm

  2. i too hardly order cream based pasta! high five:)

  3. to backStreetGluttons:
    Ah, is mine considered a forbidden love or not then? *drama*

    (Haha... but ya loh, there is definately a lot of frustration regarding their claim to all the yummy food... )

    (Oh, also, I'm not really sure where Riana Pub is - have emailed u thru the link on ur blog to ask for directions)

    to Ciki gal:
    *high five*
    :) :)

    (Well, once in a while is ok though, right?)

  4. I've been to new majestic hotel before, to celebrate christmas last year. I have to agree, it is a very artistic hotel. :)

    we love it.

  5. to anonymous:

    to Cely:
    Oh cool. :) Did you stay there? Are the rooms as nice as the hotel lobby+restaurant?
    (Hmmmm.. I wish I could stay there too! It looks so nice....)


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