Friday, July 10, 2009

Edo Ichi @ Vista Kiara Condo, Mont Kiara, KL

Simple Japanese restaurant hidden in a Mont Kiara Condo....

One of my friends recently let me in on a "secret" in Mont Kiara - a cosy little Japanese restaurant hidden in the Vista Kiara condo:
Restaurant Exterior...

The condo is located sort of in between the main Mont Kiara/ Plaza Mont Kiara area and the main Hartamas/ Souled Out area... Just tell the condo guard "Going to restaurant" and it shouldn't be a problem to enter - Parking in the guest area inside is rather limited though.... :(

Also, as much as I like the pool side location and the pretty folliage decorating the area, it can get a little warm and noisy as there are plenty of kids running around. Still, it's simple and otherwise, comfortable:
Edo Ichi interior...

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the prices on the menu were really decent considering its location in the upmarket Mont Kiara area. :)
(Makes sense though, I guess... The rental for that area in the condo is probably much, much lower than the normal retail space)

We started off our meal that day with the Kaki Furai (Deep fried oyster) (RM16) and Gyoza (RM7):
Gyoza in the front, Deep Fried Oyster in background...

Both were not bad:
- the Gyoza's skin was a little thick but thankfully not starchy, with an adequate amount of meaty filling,
- the Oysters were tender, and encased in a crumbly batter (fried to crispy golden brown perfection).

Moving on to the mains, I chose the classic (borrowed) Japanese Chicken Katsu curry(RM16), served with rice:
My Chicken Katsu with Japanese Curry...

I would have loved it more if the chicken katsu was meatier but overall, no complaints. :)

We also tried the Saba Teisyoku (Grilled Mackerel Set) (RM15):
The Saba Set...

I thought this was really good value for money. Ok,... so it didn't taste fantastic but it was very good considering the price.

So it's: Simple setting with an ok selection of classic Japanese food as well as a few “fusion” choices (fried mee/ spaghetti/ etc), reasonable prices BUT parking is quite limited, staff (albeit friendly) are too busy and it can be a bit noisy (from all the kids) and warm (it's open air with no air conditioning).

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Edo Ichi Cafe @ Vista Kiara Condo, Mont Kiara

Taste: 6
Ambience : 5
Service : 5
Price** : RM 25 per person
Parking: Difficult

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 03-6203 2144
Opening Hours: 12noon to 3pm, 5pm till late


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  1. interesting discovery! i'll keep this place in mind the next time i'm at mont kiara. but maybe it's best to eat there in the evening when it's not so warm and the pool is deserted.

  2. to Sean:
    I think it got a bit uncomfortable for the guys in their long sleeve work shirts n ties... so you're right - avoiding it in the afternoon is a good idea.

  3. hmmm.. thick yet not starchy.. so was it more like bready? gooey? wot;) lol .. (I like my gyoza hugeass big too:P)

  4. to cheeky Cumi:
    Hey, don't pick on my powderful england lah. :P
    (Mmmmm.... yeah - big, meaty gyoza is yummy *drool*)

  5. oh my, Edo Ichi used to be my regular hang out place for work lunch. They even deliver to my office sometimes :)

  6. to pingmouse:
    Nice! That's so much better than having fast food like McD's or Pizza Hut delivered.... :)

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  8. Hope someday I can visit the place with my friends. Will give this info so that they will know too.

    Paula M

  9. You can have a look at the condos at mont Kiara. Useful post

  10. Mont Kiara is a good place to be at. How is the food there?

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  13. I love edo ichi, perfect for my taste. Thanks for sharing!

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