Friday, July 17, 2009

Stuff Your Face Cafe @ BSC, KL

Delightfully whimsical cafe hidden in BSC new wing 4th floor...

Stumbled across this restaurant during a lunch date with my girl friends. :)

This quirkily named cafe is hidden up on the 4th floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre new wing - pretty much right next to the children's roller skating rink:
Simple table decorations, with black cats prancing around on the walls....

I loved the ambience there. :) It felt very comfortable, light and airy as there was loads of natural lighting flooding into the dining area:
Lots of natural lighting inside....

There is also a cosy al fresco dining area on the adjoining balcony:
Spacious balcony area outside....

There is a good selection of interesting fusion and Asian food on the menu. We tried quite a few things that day so I'll try to keep the descriptions short and sweet.

1) Pink Lemonade and Lime & Lemongrass Fizz (RM 8 each):
The fruity drinks....

Yum. Refreshing. :)
The Pink Lemonade had a dash of fresh strawberries - warning: It's a bit sour,... you may want to ask for some sugar water to add in. I liked it though.

As for the Lime & Lemongrass Fizz, it had some Ginger Beer in it, which made it a complex yet refreshing drink.
(Will definitely order this again)

2) Chicken Chop (RM 17):
Tender chicken chop....

A sort of tweaked Hainanese Chicken Chop - Nice. Wouldn't mind ordering this again if I feel like something meaty and savoury. :)
(Nina said it was a bit too salty though... but I guess everyone's palate is different)

3) Aglio Olio Soba with Grilled Prawns (RM 17):
Glutton's delight....

The Soba was kinda limp if you were to compare to al dente spaghetti... but it was an interesting change. The garlicky sauce, chili flakes and grilled prawns made it a tasty, appetising meal.

4) Healthy Fried Fish (RM 18):
Yummy crispy fish....

Nice! Pieces of juicy fish coated in a crispy cheesy batter.
(Hmmmm, am not sure if it's really so healthy tho. Haha...)

5) Lamb stew (RM 19):
Glutton's delight....

Not bad - Savoury stew with chunky (fairly tender) lamb and vegetables served with rice.

5) For dessert, we tried the Elvis Presley sandwich (RM 8):
Wonderful delicious SIN....

Simple but nice - deep fried bread, sliced bananas and peanut butter, doused in chocolate sauce. :) :) :)

Actually, to be brutally honest, I found that the bread was got a little starchy... It was like sneaky starchy - Light and crispy at first then it got a bit goopy and sticky after a few chews....
(Still, I would definitely order this again)

6) Adorable white chocolate packs (RM6.50):
So cute....!

Saw these on the way out - didn't try it so I can't say if it tastes nice, but gosh! they are so adorable.... :)
(There was also a selection of freshly made cookies and other baked goodies for you to chose from)

So, it's: Wonderfully whimsical ambience (love it!), good selection of interesting fusion/ Asian food, friendly service, ok prices BUT strange opening hours (only 11am to 7pm - they do not open for dinner unless it's a special arrangement*)

* Feedback by the nice manager-ess/ boss lady is that not many people seem to know that they're up there next to the kid's skating rink (even after 7 months) so it's just too quiet and they cannot justify staying open for dinner - hopefully this will change in time.

Restaurant Review
Summary Sheet:

Stuff Your Face Cafe @ Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC), KL

Taste: 6
Ambience : 8
Service : 6
Price** : RM 35/++ per person
Parking: OK but Quite Pricey (It's BSC lah)

** Approximation - 3 course meal, excluding drinks
Telephone No.: 603 - 2287 3070
Opening Hours: 11am - 7pm


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  1. I stumbled into your blog when I was reading up on Stuff Your Face. I love the cafe!

  2. to Hankypanky:
    Me too! :)
    Oh, and thanks for your comment. It's always nice to "meet" someone new.

  3. Stuff Your Face!! Can't get any of a plain call to action than that!! Elvis Presley looks good, even if it's surefire regrettable after the first few bites!

  4. to 550ml jar of faith:
    Haha... Yeah loh - so straightforward, right? But it's so cute! :)
    (And um, yeah... it was very regrettable esp when we started thinking about how many calories are probably in each bite... *lol*)

  5. i wanna go i wanna go!!

  6. to J:
    Cool - Anytime you're free for lunch. let's go there. :)

  7. bsc v happening for food now hor?!

  8. to Ciki:
    Yup yup.
    Especially now that the new wing is (more or less) reopened. :)

  9. i wanna go stuff my face too!

  10. to thenomadGourmand:
    Haha... Well, you can definately afford it babe! :)


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