Wednesday, July 01, 2009

View From The Top

From a different point of view *lol*...

Funny, but traffic jams are quite pretty at night (when you're not stuck in it):

.... and back.

The photos are from the main town area in Bangkok, when I went for holiday a while back. Had a really fun time there with my high school girl friends, albeit it being a bit too eventful *lol*... (It's a long story)

Anyway, the traffic there is CRAZY. The roads seem to be packed most of the time (except early morning) and there are motorcycles & tuk-tuks weaving in and out between cars, and sometimes even against traffic. >_<
(This, I experienced first hand - almost got a heart attack!)
(And yes, I realise that motorcycles in KL also weave in and out/ go against traffic/ etc, but trust me: it is worse in Bangkok)

All I can say is that I appreciated KL traffic so much more after I got home....


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