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3.6 The Best Tea Break in Town @ Star Hill Feast Village, KL

A great promotion at Star Hill Feast Gallery (Shook, Fisherman's Cove, Luk Yu Teahouse and Pak Loh Chiu Chow)....

(Nov 2010)

I guess the response to this offer must have been very good because it's still on till now, with no end in sight. So yay! for those who are in the area and want an affordable tea time in a posh setting. :)

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Usually, "Star Hill Feast Gallery" and "cheap food" do not go together in the same sentence*,... because while you get good service, ambience and taste, you do have to pay a premium for it.
(*Unless the sentence is "Star Hill Feast Gallery does NOT serve cheap food")
Outside Star Hill ...

So, you would understand my amazement when I heard of this new promotion at 4 reputable restaurants** in the Star Hill Feast Gallery - a special tea time menu with RM3.60++ per item from 3 to 6pm daily!! (Now till 30th June 2010).
(** Shook, Fisherman's Cove, Luk Yu and Pak Loh Chiu Chow)

We figured seeing (or in this case, eating) is believing so we quickly hurried over to Shook to try it out:
(Ok - A bit off topic but Shook was kinda irritating - they say they don't accept table bookings for weekends, whilst the other restaurants do. So, we had to go over earlier and line up for a table... =_=)
Inside, in Shook...

The ambience there is as nice as I remembered - modern setting with lots of sunlight streaming in from the high ceiling. There was even some live music that day, with a hotel lounge type band playing jazzed up classics:
Sunny days pigging out...

There was a fairly long list of items that we could choose from, ranging from Asian to Western (Shook serves 3 cuisines - Chinese, Italian and Japanese):
A lot to choose from...

Honestly, we ate an astounding variety of food between the 4 of us... so I'll try to keep each description short.

- Ceasar Salad (add additional RM 3.60++ for chicken)

Tastes OK only. Tiny serving.
(Sooj says, "Oi. RM 3.60++ only leh. What do you expect?"

- Prawn Cocktail with Spicy Japanese Dressing:
The Prawn Cocktail ...

Also ok only. Prawns were fresh enough.

- Deep fried Seafood Fritters with Chili Dip:
Crispy fritters...

While we enjoyed these crispy fritters, we struggled to find the seafood within the julienned vegetables.

- Grilled Cumberland Sausage with Mashed Potatoes and Onion Sauce
Big sausage...

Yummy! Meaty sausage, flavourful and really yummy mash.

- 6 Inch Pepperoni Pizza
Thin pizza ...

Not bad. Crust was thin and reasonable amount of cheese and pepperoni.

- Grilled Chicken and Ham Sandwich With Fries
Simple sandwich, presented well...

Fluffy and slightly crisp bread (yum!) with not much filling but surprisingly satisfying.

- Seafood Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce
Spaghetti with seafood...

Not bad - small serving of pasta with a decent amount of seafood. Tomato sauce wasn't as robust as I would have liked though.

- Fish Tempura with Somen
Simple somen ...

Fish tempura was yummy but the noodles were just ok (simple - soup tasted like tempura dipping sauce).

- Chinese Noodles with Clam Broth
Clammy noodles...

Yum. Hearty soup (which tasted like it had a hint of Chinese rice wine) with fairly springy wantan noodles.

- Cantonese Seafood Fried Rice
Soupy fried rice ...

Mixed reactions. Most of us liked the fragrant fried rice with the slightly chinese herbal tasting soup.
(Depends on whether you like Chinese herbs I guess)

- Banana Pancakes with Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
Teeny pancakes...

Yummy! Fluffy pancakes paired with decadent chocolate ice cream or maple syrup. We ordered 2 of these. :)
(Small gripe: They served us half melted ice cream 2 out of 2 times)

- (Left to Right) Strawberry Tea, Raspberry Mojito and Lemon Lime Punch
Drinks were affordable too...

Although there was lots of ice vs. the actual drink, all of them were refreshing.
(Again, for RM 3.60++ each, in Star Hill = no complaints!)

- Coffee (Cappuccino)
Dose of caffeine ...

We were happy to see they had Lattes and Cappuccinos too! :)
(And the small cookie they served with it was delicious!)

All in all, not everything on the menu was nice and the serving size was generally quite small BUT service was friendly, the ambience was great and there were some really yummy dishes for RM 3.60++ each only!
(So worth it! :) :) :) - Our total damage that day was only RM 25 each!!)
(Psssst... Thanks so much for pointing out this promotion Wai Leng! *hugs*)

So, you know where I'll be every weekend till the end of June! Haha...
(If only my office was near Star Hill so that I eat there during weekdays too...)

Summary Information:
3.6 Tea Break Promo @ Star Hill Feast Gallery, KL

Opening Hours: 11am till late (This promo from 3 to 6pm daily till 30 June 2010)
Phone/ Halal-ness:
- Fisherman's Cove, 03-2782 3848, No pork served
- Luk Yu Teahouse, 03-2782 3850, No pork served
- Pak Loh Chiu Chow, 03-2782 3856, Non-halal
- Shook, 03-2719 8535, No pork served

Address: Starhill Gallery 181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Website: Click here

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  1. so all the above for 3.60++ per dish? ok la, its starhill, possibly the cheapest thing u can find in there

  2. Fried rice soaked in herbal soup?? That's gross!! It's supposed to be dry and full of wok hei... what kind of damage they have done to our Chinese dish?
    Actually for RM3.60++ (in Star Hill some more) we can't complain much on the quality.. as long as it can go down our stomach.. it's OK right?

  3. to joe who in constantly craving:
    Yup - everything was just RM 3.60++ each! Definitely the cheapest fine dining in KL, not just Star Hill (for as long as they have this promo anyway)....

    to thule aka leo:
    Well 3 out of 4 of us thought it tasted interesting. I guess it all boils down to what you like. :)

  4. i hate it when such places run promos and they short change you by compromising on the quality. we both swore never to step into Shook since a horrible incident dat happened not long after they opened for biz! shld be close to 10 years already and yes we never forget!

  5. to babe_kl:
    Oh my goodness - sounds bad! What happened? :(

  6. woah..must go eat liau..

    thanks for sharing~

  7. To taufulou: No problem... My pleasure! :)

  8. hhmm i wanna go tis w-end. thing is, whr did u sit?
    Must sit one plc then order frm tht one outlet only?

  9. to tng:
    If sit in one outlet then can only order from that outlet (and all 4 have different menus).... I guess they want to keep you coming back. :)

    (I was seated in Shook that day)

  10. Wah ... damn damn cheap I'd say! RM3.60 can get you a basket of dim sum only in Ipoh.

    Wait, almost the same concept huh?

  11. to J2Kfm:
    It's same same but different, I guess.... :)
    (It just depends what kind of ambience you want but otherwise, I think probably the Ipoh dim sum is yummier for the same price!)

  12. Hi there =) I had also just went to Shook! for the RM3.60 deal and reviewed bout it. Do take a look at http://sitbaomang.blogspot.com

    New blogger, haha. =)

  13. to 0902:
    Oh. So you decided to pimp your blog out here lah? :P

    Haha... kidding... :)

    Welcome to the food blog club! Will check out your blog for places to try. :)

  14. Pimp! Hahahaha no lah cause I came across your review and saw that you wrote no1 reviewed yet at that time =P . Same here I think I just found few place i want to try from your blog. Thanks! =)

  15. to 0902:
    Oh no. Sorry - maybe I ate the last cookie?? Haha... :)

    (Have added a link to your review here btw... Thx...)

  16. Hahahaha. Thank you, appreciate that =))

  17. Just want to share with you all, this 3.6 Tea Break is still available after 30th of June...I got this information from Shook today. Same to the other outlets like Luk Yu Tea House, Fisherman's Cove and Pak Loh Chew Chow. Heard that Fisherman's Cove got nice lamb shoulder, must go and try it on this weekend with my friend^^

  18. to dessert lover:
    Oh wow - that's great news! Thanks for sharing... :)


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