Thursday, May 27, 2010

Supercar (Window) Shopping

Superficial, but so sexy lah!....

I am a (pretty) firm believer that a car is just a form of transportation - something to get you from point A to point B in (preferably) a comfortable and reliable manner.

On top of that, I hate that some cars are so ridiculously priced (eg. the Bugatti Veyron), that it seems that the sole reason for their existence is:
- an inducement of some sort of materialistic lust,
- as a tool of elitist behaviour,
- to taunt people who can't afford them, and/or
- generally, as a waste of hard earned money.

Still, it's hard to deny that some of those super expensive super cars are just so super sexy!
Hot red:
The classic Ferrari colour ...

Having a peek into the interior:
Nice! - leather interior ...

No lah.
It's not that I can afford such a frivolous but awesome car...
(Not now, and not anytime in my lifetime I think)

... but I just tumpang gembira ("follow along for fun") when a friend wanted to go window shopping for one.

Sleek grey - front:
Cool grey with outstanding racing stripes ...

Looks good from behind too:
Rear view ...

Sexy black:
Sleek and oozing sex appeal ...

Can touch ah?:
(Possibly, this is the closest I'll ever come to ever driving/ owning one... LOL)
Be still my beating heart! ...

So I guess I am just human after all - I know I shouldn't want/lust for such expensive cars, but I can't help it.

Anyway, hope you have a great long Wesak weekend!

Will try to reflect on her flaws over Wesak,

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  1. Wooo... the Prancing Horse :)
    depending on budget, there are a few models to be chosen.. (I mean, based on my personal opinion and preference)
    1) F430 - my ultimate dream car.. now costing somewhere between RM700-800++k
    2) F348 - I think cost about RM200-300k (good buy since this design is evergreen)

    Please don't buy Modena F360 (I think the design sucks big time) and the rest of new Ferrari cost a bomb!
    Buying car is easy but maintaining one is hard! Once my friend's F430 had a hiccup on the air-conditioning issue, he spent RM20k just to fix it.. your call!

  2. Well, dreams can come. So don't stop dreaming, ya! Ok la, u shdn't believe in this dreamy pisces...hehe. I'll would want to own a beemer but i guess i might just spend the $$$ on travelling instead. Haha.

    Happy wesak day, J! :)

  3. to thule aka leo:
    You are exactly right - it's the maintainance that will really kill! When I heard the car sales man tell my friend that just one headlight is RM5000, I was thinking "WAH LAU WEI! One light only wor...."
    (But I guess it's expected that if you can afford> 600k for a car then 5k is just spare change to you....)

    to HairyBerry:
    LOL. Leos can be quite dreamy too! Well, this Leo anyway ;)
    Anyway, dreaming is good for the soul, don't you think so?

    (I want an Audi TT! Sleek and sporty but not too "garang" or flashy...)
    (If only I could afford one... haha...)

  4. shopping! Those are really sexy ones leh. I'm happy with my wheels at the moment :-)

  5. To PureGlutton:
    Yay! And I m happy with my old proton! Gets me around reliably (so far, touch wood)! :)

  6. Is your car OK now, remember it was showing some fault before? Hope all's OK!

    No need for Ferraris ... Japs rock! Oops, Hondas do!

  7. to JulianSi:
    My car's still holding together (somehow), thanks.

    I like the new Honda City but I don't like the price/ monthly installment amount! :)

  8. True ... so true . Best to look at all them cars, take photos of them , and be satisfied with one's present drive :-)

    Have a good day!

  9. True ... so true . Best to look at all them cars, take photos of them , and be satisfied with one's present drive :-)

    Have a good day!

  10. wah so nice! i need to get cumi to buy me one ~!!! LOL

  11. to JulianSi:
    Yup :)
    If always not satisfied (esp in regards of these luxury items), life can be very miserable...

    to Ciki:
    Hee hee hee.
    I think that is a good idea. Which one do you have in mind? ;)


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