Friday, May 07, 2010

Fraser's Hill Road Trip (Part 2)

Jalan-jalan cari makan on Fraser's Hill :)....

Ah. It's so nice being tourists - walking around aimlessly, just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings:
Say cheese!...

Of course, another fun thing about being a tourist is trying out new food/ restaurants!

That day, we ventured to the Hillview restaurant for lunch. It's actually quite established - opened in Fraser's for about 10 years now, but just recently relocated to the new food court/ mini commercial area just up the road from the town center (where they used to be):
Approaching the food area...

Being the ONLY non-Halal restaurant (serves Chinese and Western food) in the whole of Fraser's Hill, it enjoys brisk business during peak hours (lunch and dinner):
An established restaurant in tranquil Fraser's Hill...

Don't expect any high class ambience - it's just a simple restaurant, no frills but comfortable enough:
Lots of families and tourists...

We decided to go for Chinese food for lunch that day:
- Chinese Style Pork Chop - small (RM 15):

Not bad. Medium tender pieces of pork fillets, coated with a sweet and sour sauce.
(This disappeared in no time at all, wolfed down by the bunch of us hungry babi-tarians)

- Kai Lan - large (RM 16):

Ok. Simple dish, veggies fried with garlic and oil. Nothing earth moving but overall, was not bad.

- Spicy Bean Curd - small (RM 12):

Very appetising. Tasted like sambal sauce fried with the tofu.
(Mildly spicy)

- Beef fried with Ginger - small (RM 15):
- Salted Veg Soup - medium (RM 11):

- Fairly tender slices of beef fried with a slightly thick ginger-y sauce. Not bad.
- The soup was also ok, though it was more gingery than salty.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal there. It was simple, with a pleasant home cooked feel to it,.... and the service was friendly. :)
(They also serve an array of the usual bottled/ can beers there so you can indulge in a mid-afternoon booze fest if you want)

So it's: Convenient location, reasonable pricing (considering it's a tourist spot), the only non-Halal restauant in the whole of Fraser's Hill with a good range of Chinese and Western dishes BUT nothing bad to say, just don't expect it to be fine dining.... :)

Summary Information:
Hillview Restaurant @ Frasers Hill

Opening Hours: (approx.) 9am till 10pm
Phone: -
Address: Oops. Well, it's not hard to find lah. Just up the road from the town centre, on the left side of the road...


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  1. i hvnt been to Fraser ><

  2. to ai wei:
    Go lah :)
    It's not that far, and quite relaxing for a short holiday (as long as you can find a dependable person to drive... If not, then can be a bit tiring).

  3. Me too, kinda sad really... to be seeing youngsters nowadays going far far off ... when we have such cool places nearby.

    Think about it, I have not even gone up Bukit Larut in Taiping. Aiks.

  4. Haha...whr's Fraser's again?? ;p

  5. Mid afternoon booze fest atop cool cool Fraser's Hill... now you're speaking my language!! :-D

  6. I can't for my life remember my last visit to fraser's! But i surely remember the winding route n stopping to throw up! Haha! Lovely lunch complemented by the cool climate. Sounds like a good weekend getaway. :)

  7. Heya J! Nothing whatsoever about food or cool hill station getaways, just thought I'd let you know that Book Access in Amcorp is clearing hard cover autobiographies of Neil Gaiman. A bit long as its lists out every book/tale he told but has interesting bits - his start in the biz, his law suit with Todd McFarlane, etc.

  8. to j2kfm:
    Cuti Cuti Malaysia can be fun too. Go lah :)

    to tng :
    lol. Your geography FAIL. :p

    to minchow :
    so nice to meet someone who speaks Booze. haha....

    to Hairyberry:
    oh dear sounds like it was a difficult jouney for you... Bad news is that I don't think the road is any less windy now leh

    to Chindiana:
    omg! Thanks for the info! Looking forward to getting book.


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