Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fraser's Hill Road Trip (Part 3)

Riding horses and shooting arrows - fun!...

Most of what's available in Fraser's Hill is very activity based - eg. golfing, trekking, horse riding, etc.

Not being very big on golf (or trekking, at that time, because we were not appropriately dressed), we decided to drop by The Paddock:
(Which is right next to the golf course actually)
Inside the Paddock, approaching the stables...

(I think they had about 6 horses there... We thought that 2 of them looked kinda skinny but maybe they are nursing them back to health? Which would be sweet, especially since one of them had a leg injury*)
(*These were not the riding horses... They were resting in a pasture at the side)

You can take a ride (RM 4 per round - kids, RM 5 per round - adults):
Saddling up...

Don't worry about if you have no prior equestrian experience, because the "cowboy" will accompany you while you go around the circle:

However, if you feel that horse riding is not really your cup of tea, you can try out the archery range there instead (RM 8 for 10 arrows - no sharing):
The archery area...

Ready, aim, fire! *toing*:
3 in a row...

It's actually a LOT harder than looks. =_=

Despite trying my best to channel Xena the warrior princess and Legolas from LOTR, I only hit the target about 6 times, and mind you not very well at that! - no bulls eye!
(Still, I had lots of fun trying something different....)

Lastly, (yellow faced) poser J the chocoholic:
- Trying to look fierce:

- Uh oh. I'm in trouble!:

All in all, a fun and afforable way to spend an hour or two! :)

Summary Information:
Archery and Horse Riding @ The Paddock, Frasers Hill
(next to the Golf Course)

Opening Hours: (A bit complicated loh)
- Mon till Thurs: 9am - 12.30pm, 2pm - 4pm
- Fri: 9am - 12noon, 2.45pm - 4pm
- Sat & Public Holidays: 9am - 12.30pm, 2pm - 5.30pm
- Sun: 9am - 12.30pm, 2pm - 4pm

Phone: -
Address: -

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  1. Wahaha - I have NEVER been to Fraser's Hill, can u believe it?! Maybe it's time I do the touristy thing and go up there soon ;-)

  2. Ok. Don't laugh. I just found out who you are from Becky. He he... I am a real ditz when it comes to people and faces. An asocial personality trait which I have cultivated. The only memory I have of Fraser's hill is a trip with my parents and a Mat Salleh with a horse. Your post just reminded me that I need to rediscover Malaysia, and who the people I met are.

  3. yeah.. Fraser's Hill is a place for family, golfers and nature enthusiasts... as there are not many things to do in this quaint hill

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. to Pure Glutton:
    Tsk tsk. How can liddat. No semangat Malaysia wannn. :P
    (Haha... Sorry, just teasing)

    Well, there's not really very much to do in Frasers unless you want to relax or play golf. Still, it's worth at least one visit, I guess....

    to Paranoid Android:
    It's ok. :)
    Anyway, I dare not laugh because it would absolutely be like the kettle calling the pot black. :)
    (Though not in this case specifically. Just that I am generally quite bad with names too.. :P)

    to Thule aka Leo:
    I would love to relax in the little English/ Tudor style houses that have been converted to hotels there though - didn't get to go in any but passed by a few.


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