Friday, May 21, 2010

Fraser's Hill Road Trip (Part 4)

Winding down at a picturesque place for English scones...

My goodness, the Smokehouse seems to have perfected the charming hilltop English Tudor style hotel/ restaurant concept - now established in 2 out of 3 popular hill-y holiday locations in Semenanjung Malaysia (namely, Frasers and Camerons)...
(They also have a branch in the Telawi street area, Bangsar KL but that's just a restaurant)

Anyway, since we were in the area, we decided to drop by the Fraser's Smokehouse to try the scones for tea and just chill out:
Just around the bend from the Smokehouse...

As expected, the Smokehouse had a lot of character - ever so slightly weathered (paint peeling/faded here and there) but beautiful all the same:
The Smokehouse up close...

They have a lovely dining area inside, but we were ushered to the garden/ patio area as that section is only opened during dinner:
The dining room...

Still, we didn't mind at all as it was really nice outside - the air was cool (although much warmer than we had hoped) and there was an idyllic garden beside us, inspiring thoughts of secret lands, magic and friendly fairies:
The garden...

Of course, we had to try the Devonshire Tea Set - 2 Scones with Cream, Jam, Butter and Tea for one (RM 18++):
The tiered tea set...

Overall, yummy without feeling too sinful - the scones were slightly crumbly yet quite moist, and tasted lovely topped with a dab of butter, fluffy cream and the well balanced home made jam.

Also, we ordered the Chocolate Lava Cake (RM 9++):
Cake and cherry...

This cake had me baffled...
.... because while it was quite chocolatey and was evidently a cake, I could find no reason why they would use the word "lava" to describe it.
(It's not bad lah actually. Just don't expect it to be oozing with yummy chocolate sauce...)

The one thing we ordered that was really disappointing (to me anyway) was the Bangers and Mash (RM 20++):
Sausages and potatoes...

They turned out to be synthetic tasting sausages (tasted like the ones you can get from any regular supermarket, although they are quite big), submerged in a watery sauce (which had a strangely bright yellow/orangey colour - added kunyit maybe?), atop a bed of ok tasting mash potatoes.

Anyway, we all definitely enjoyed our time there (sausages notwithstanding).... and I'd recommend it to anyone who is in Fraser's for a holiday. :)

Some more photos from that day:
- The Bird is watching us:
On the look out...

- Attack!:
A flock descended upon our table scraps moments after we walked away...

- Flowers:
Pretty blossoms...

- Us hot chicks:
(Woi. Don't roll your eyes lah - since they are pretty then I am pretty by association too lah)
Pretty girls!...

So it's: Idyllic setting in a English Tudor style house with a lovely garden, reasonable pricing (and taste) for tea time food considering its a tourist location/ hotel BUT hits and misses on the menu and the service, although friendly, is a little rough around the edges - nothing bad but could be better....

Summary Information:
The Smokehouse Hotel and Restaurant @ Frasers Hill

Opening Hours: 11am till late (separate menus for breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner time)
Phone: +609 362 2226
Address: Jalan Jeriau, 49000 Bukit Fraser, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia.


BTW: They have 2 other branches:
Cameron Highlands, Tanah Rata area - restaurant and hotel (Ph: +605 491 1215), and
Bangsar, Telawi area - restaurant only (PH: +603 2163 3136)

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  1. pretty girls and a yellow face! LOL

    so farnee la u!

    oh, love the post - i miss this place la. its been too long.. :(

  2. Smokehouse always looks so englishy-charming! Aiyor, when only will u remove the yellow face ah?

  3. eek bangers and mash look so soupy one??

    lol PureGlutton, she want us to call her worng meen por!!! J, u better pick something else to cover up :p

  4. to ciki:
    (Haha.. I guess I'm trying to stand out with my yellow face? :P)
    Get Cumi to take you for a hillside vacation soon! Especially since you haven't been there for too long... :)

    to pure glutton:
    Sorry - it's a force of habit.. :)
    (And dowan my office ppl to recognize my greedy face.... *grin*)

    to babe_kl:
    Yeah - I was quite horrified with the bright orange/yellow soupy bangers and mash too. :)

    (Hmmm.. what would you suggest? Maybe I can paste some cartoon character face instead? Oooh, or a supermodel's? Haha...)

  5. So, when are you gonna ask me out makan with you? :P

  6. wah...nice nice fraser hill pics....will bring my baby there soon to relax...

  7. to LightYouruichi:
    Well are you free on Sat nights? That's when me and my friends usually go on our makan sessions.... or let's see when WackyBecky is free then we all go wat together-gether. :)

    to vialentino:
    Thanks. :)
    And yes! I'm sure your baby will enjoy the nice cool weather. Have a safe drive up....

  8. This weekend not free, going for #RelayKL. You're not coming?

  9. Oh, that's not just for Tweeters?


    Nope, for bloggers as well. COME!

  11. to LightYoruichi:
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    Hmmm.. I might just take the easy option and donate cash to the charity CIMB account....
    (Sorry for wimping out....)

  12. Hey it's okay. So we set another makan date next next week? :P

  13. Sounds good Mr Light! :)

  14. prettygal, why wanna hide ur face with yellow smiley?! ><
    great trip upto fraser. i wish to have one

  15. to ai wei:
    Pretty? Wah, thanks.. :)

    .. and sorry! - I m too shy I guess? Dowan ppl to recognise me.... :)


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