Monday, May 10, 2010


One part happiness, one part disappointment....

Ah... A&W!

I have so many happy memories of going to the first A&W outlet (located on Jalan Sultan, PJ) with my parents, as a once in a while treat.
(My mum loved the Coney Dog, I just loved everything! Especially the nice, big play area at the back with all the slides and stuff...)

Later in life, this would also be one of the locations where me and my school friends would hang out and chit chat.

So, while walking around One Utama (with my friend Cindy) one day, we decided to have a snack/ dessert there. The layout remains similar - brightly lit and simple:
Packed inside A&W One Utama...

The classic drink - the Root Beer float (RM 3.60++):
Sinful but yummy...

After all these years, it still hits all the right spots, that caramel sweet flavour of the root beer mixed with the creamy vanilla ice cream.
(Yes, it's not healthy... but it's good food for the soul! Haha....)

We also had the Waffle, with one scoop of ice cream (RM 5.90++):
Carb attack...


I remember really liking the thick but crispy waffle, topped with the sweet, creamy vanilla ice cream and slightly tart strawberry sauce, when I was young(er).....

... but that day, I was kinda disappointed. :(
(It wasn't crispy enough. And not very tasty either.... Just ok lah, and got soggy very quickly... )

Could it be that my memories have glazed over the true taste/ standard of the A&W waffle? Or maybe the food quality has deteriorated over the years? - Can't tell for sure, but I think the next time I go back there, I will only be indulging in the Root Beer float loh....

(Oh, and if you're curious)
Here's the history of A&W: A&W - originated in USA 1919!

Summary Information:
A&W @ Around Malaysia

Opening Hours: (approx.) 10am till 10pm, 24hours at selected outlets.
Phone: (Various)
Address: Most major shopping centers in Malaysia and other locations
(Full list HERE)


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  1. I think the standard has dropped lor...a pity hor?

  2. actually i was disappointed with their waffles too so sad horrr when it was so good those days :(

    btw do u hv the feeling where the root beer float is only good when it's served in the old fashion mug? :p i tried once when they give paper cups and din like it :D

  3. to Bangsar-babe:
    Yup - It's really a big pity because we can remember how nice it used to be... :(

    to babe_kl:
    Hmmmm... maybe it's because the classic glasses can keep it nice and cold for longer?

    Anyway, yeaaaaah - So sad re. the waffles - they used to be so delicious! :( :(

  4. I remember coming here almost every night to do revision for my final exams during my college days in INTI Subang Jaya. Back then, there was no air-cond in my rented room so my friends and I always burn midnight oil in A&W... they still open 24 hours right?

  5. Yup - they're still open 24 hours... and if I remember, they can get quite packed with the after minum/ party crowd on Fridays and weekends... :)

  6. these waffles still damn shiok i tell ya. good choice babe!

  7. To Ciki:
    Full of carb-alicious shiokness... but still sad that it used to be so yummy last time!

  8. still lurve their root beer float..! but i used like their moza burger..then drop quality~

  9. besides the root beer and waffle (my fave is the usual butter+syrup), there has to be some onion rings too! the coney dog's a delight too! there used to be one near federal cinema along jalan raja laut but i don't think it's there anymore. sigh.

  10. to taufulou:
    Yeah, I know what you mean... :(
    I remember the Moza burger was soooooo good when it was first launched.

    to hairy berry:
    Hmmmm... not sure about that branch, but I think the one near Petaling Street is still open.
    (My fave is still the Jalan Sultan branch!)

  11. I so love the mozza burger and the normal original hot dog [forgotten the name... or they don't have name?]... it's too bad the only outlet in Kuala Terengganu is in Batu Buruk beach which is quite far from the main city [if you don't have car la~]. Somehow, I think the A&W is much better that KFC or McD [just opinion~ ^^]

  12. Yucky Rock beach? - cute name... :)

    I like all 3! :) :) :)
    (But I try not to eat them too often because it's not so healthy....)


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