Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Fun in the Sun

2 less wakeboarding virgins in the world....

After all the times I followed my friend Fai to Carasol Wakeboarding in Puchong just to sunbathe (like a beached whale),.... I finally got around to trying it out! :)

A beautiful sunny day:
Sunblock is essential unless you want to be a red hot lobster, or chao tar (burnt dry) piece of toast later! :)
Sunshine and happiness...

The boys aboard the speedboat:
My hot friends on the boat...

Fai shows off:
Stop making it look so easy, Fai!! O_O...

Now it's Ruben's turn:
Ruben's first time...

Wah. Very good!:
(He was up and zipping around in no time at all)
(Look at him go! So gaya, right?)
Zoom zoom - ex-Cleo bachelor leh. Don't play-play...

*Gulp* My turn:
(J's thought at the time: "OMG.OMG.OMG.OMG. What have I gotten myself into??")
J's heart goes *dubDUBdubDUBdubDUB* at an alarming speed...

Look at me mum! I can wakeboard! (sort of)...

Anyway, later on, despite me not being able to feel my forearms and fingers and thighs (it's tiring to wakeboard!), I ended up trying a "trick" because of cheeky Fai and Aaron.

I present to you - The dangers of listening to people egg you on, a 3 part story:
1) Taking up the challenge:
(I was like - "Ok, ok. Stop heckling me! I'll try it lah...")
Preparing myself...

2) OMG! Can it be? - Success?? :D

3) Erm. Maybe not:

So, the conclusion is:
Was it expensive?
Yes loh... At >RM 200 per hour, it's not the kind of activity that I can afford to go for as often as I'd like to....
(Mind you, it's not that Aaron charges some astronomical rate because he feels like it! It's just an expensive sport due to the high costs involved - the boat+it's maintainance+the petrol needed to zoom around+equipment, etc)

Was it fun?
Yes yes YES! :) :) :)
(And such a good workout too!)

For more information, please check out their Official Website... or join their Facebook Group!. Alternatively, just call Aaron at +6012-3246677.

Lastly, shout out time:
- to FAI:
Thanks for convincing me to try wakeboarding! It was so much more fun than I imagined it would be... And I forgive you for thinking (beforehand) that I would be a disaster at it. :P
(YOU MEANIE! I am not so "princess", ok? I go gym and play sports waaaan....)
- to AARON:
Thanks man! - You were so patient with us newbies and your pointers were fairly easy to understand and pick up*. :)
(*If only my arms/ legs hadn't gotten tired so easily - it was like after a while, they just didn't want to listen to what my brain was trying to tell them! Haha.....)
- to RUBEN:
Hope you had lots of fun that day as a fellow wakeboard virgin. Hopefully we can go again soon!

Ok. That's all. :)

Signing off,

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  1. No worries Joa. Think there will be a wakeboard competition in Putrajaya sometime in July 2010. You may want to check out the hotties... I meant hot action on the water.

  2. Muahahahhaa... I especially like the 3rd part of the story :P
    but in time, you will definitely master the sport provided that you can afford paying RM200++ per hour la!

  3. aiseh..fall into the water yeng a not?

    eih~ cannot cencord your face like that 1 la..~ ahduh!

  4. Kakakaka! Looks like fun though!

  5. to fai:
    Well, if you're going then mayyyybe I'll go.. just to accompany you. Not to perve at hotties. Haha...

    to thule aka leo:
    That's your favourite part? So meeeeean. :P

    to taufulou:
    Not yeng meh? :)
    (What's wrong with my yellow smiley face? :P Already told you before - I m too shy...)

    to qwazymonkey:
    It was! :) Definitely lots of fun although I think I ended up swallowing some of that lake water! >_<

  6. good that u finally tried =)'twas fun rite? and i agree that fai made it look reallyyyyyyy easy!

    nxt time we go sunbathing only ler LOL

  7. to misha:
    So fun! Despite Fai the show off making us look bad in comparison. Haha...

    Sunbathing sounds good! :) I'm definitely getting too pale already.

  8. Oh I did this in Putrajaya watersports plc..also RM200.
    It was fun !!
    But yea, if yr not used to it, it can be tiring ;)


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