Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bounty Hunter

Movie time! - Action, romance and comedy all rolled into one....

This week, I went to watch a new romantic comedy called The Bounty Hunter:
(Thanks for the tickets, TnG!)
The official movie poster...

I don't remember much about the movie... except that there was a heart attack inducing scene where Gerard Butler was standing half naked, rock hard abs and most of his manly physique on display (save for where he had his towel wrapped).

Haha... Just kidding (sort of).

Anyway, I don't want to give too much away since the movie has just started running,... but generally I thought the movie was ok:
- simple (and kinda cliched) plot,
- some really irritating characters, BUT
- passable acting,
- some good lines/ jokes,
- sufficient amount of eye candy for both guys and girls. :)

It's definitely not a bad movie (although Rotten Tomatoes has given it an earth shatteringly low score of 8%!)... as long as you don't expect too much.
(Hmmmm,... actually it's probably quite a good date night movie since Jennifer Aniston is good eye candy and there's some action - car chases/ guns/ etc - thrown in for the guys)
"Are you trying to seduce me?" ...

Main characters:
Jennifer Aniston as Nicole Hurley
Gerard Butler as Milo Boyd
Jason Sudeikis as Stewart <--- So annoying!
Peter Greene as Earl Mahler
Christine Baranski as Kitty Hurley <--- My favourite character in the movie! :)

Couldn't find the half naked Gerard Butler screenshot from this movie, so here's one from 300 instead...

Here's what some others thought of the movie:
- the Nomad Gourmand
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- I Come, I See, I Hunt, I Chiak

Happy Monday!*,

* Is there such a thing? :)

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  1. A Happy Monday to me would be to find Jennifer Anniston seated in the cubicle beside me. Therein lies the answer to your question :P

  2. I wish that I could watch movie like you... for a kaki cinema like me, it's almost like a torture for not going there for almost a few months

  3. i think jennifer aniston was the whole point why i watched the movie to the end..

  4. to UnkaLeong:
    LOL. Well, I'd be happy but only if it was Gerard Butler, and preferably without his shirt on. :) :)

    to thule aka leo:
    Oh no. Why?
    Well, watching at home is good too - no lines, no irritating ppl - can relax and watch the movie. :)

    to "joe" who is constantly craving:
    haha... I understand. I felt that way about Gerard Butler. ;)

  5. haha. i don't think id watch it :P (maybe for G only ) hehe

  6. to Ciki:
    G is very drool worthy in his towel scene! Worth the 2 hour watch (IMHO). :)

    to thenomadGourmand:
    Oh my goodness - was completely my pleasure! Anytime babe. Really appreciate it. :) :) :)


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