Sunday, May 09, 2010

Creative Names

Creativity can be a curse....

Here I was thinking that (over-)creative naming of one's spawn was more of an American/ Hollywood thing...

... but apparently it's fairly prevalent on our shores! For example:
1) Zukri Valenteno Mohd Ali (A Malaysian writer)
2) €” Cyrus Reza (Son of a diplomat)
3) Mohd Hitler Zami (Malaysian TV/ film director) who has a brother named Ahmad Yamashita.

(Source: Mostly from an article in the Star newspaper, written by Encik Valenteno...)

I imagine that it cannot be easy growing up with such unique names*...
... and even when you are all grown up, it may be a bit difficult for people to take you seriously (especially during serious business meetings) when you introduce yourself as Mohd Romeo, or something in that vein.

Anyway, hats off to these individuals.
(*Kids can be so cruel without knowing it - with all the teasing and bullying in primary schools etc.)

Amused but respectful,


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