Friday, May 07, 2010

Fraser's Hill Road Trip (Part 2)

Jalan-jalan cari makan on Fraser's Hill :)....

Ah. It's so nice being tourists - walking around aimlessly, just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings:
Say cheese!...

Of course, another fun thing about being a tourist is trying out new food/ restaurants!

That day, we ventured to the Hillview restaurant for lunch. It's actually quite established - opened in Fraser's for about 10 years now, but just recently relocated to the new food court/ mini commercial area just up the road from the town center (where they used to be):
Approaching the food area...

Being the ONLY non-Halal restaurant (serves Chinese and Western food) in the whole of Fraser's Hill, it enjoys brisk business during peak hours (lunch and dinner):
An established restaurant in tranquil Fraser's Hill...

Don't expect any high class ambience - it's just a simple restaurant, no frills but comfortable enough:
Lots of families and tourists...

We decided to go for Chinese food for lunch that day:
- Chinese Style Pork Chop - small (RM 15):

Not bad. Medium tender pieces of pork fillets, coated with a sweet and sour sauce.
(This disappeared in no time at all, wolfed down by the bunch of us hungry babi-tarians)

- Kai Lan - large (RM 16):

Ok. Simple dish, veggies fried with garlic and oil. Nothing earth moving but overall, was not bad.

- Spicy Bean Curd - small (RM 12):

Very appetising. Tasted like sambal sauce fried with the tofu.
(Mildly spicy)

- Beef fried with Ginger - small (RM 15):
- Salted Veg Soup - medium (RM 11):

- Fairly tender slices of beef fried with a slightly thick ginger-y sauce. Not bad.
- The soup was also ok, though it was more gingery than salty.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal there. It was simple, with a pleasant home cooked feel to it,.... and the service was friendly. :)
(They also serve an array of the usual bottled/ can beers there so you can indulge in a mid-afternoon booze fest if you want)

So it's: Convenient location, reasonable pricing (considering it's a tourist spot), the only non-Halal restauant in the whole of Fraser's Hill with a good range of Chinese and Western dishes BUT nothing bad to say, just don't expect it to be fine dining.... :)

Summary Information:
Hillview Restaurant @ Frasers Hill

Opening Hours: (approx.) 9am till 10pm
Phone: -
Address: Oops. Well, it's not hard to find lah. Just up the road from the town centre, on the left side of the road...


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ai wei said...

i hvnt been to Fraser ><

J said...

to ai wei:
Go lah :)
It's not that far, and quite relaxing for a short holiday (as long as you can find a dependable person to drive... If not, then can be a bit tiring).

J2Kfm said...

Me too, kinda sad really... to be seeing youngsters nowadays going far far off ... when we have such cool places nearby.

Think about it, I have not even gone up Bukit Larut in Taiping. Aiks.

thenomadGourmand said...

Haha...whr's Fraser's again?? ;p

minchow said...

Mid afternoon booze fest atop cool cool Fraser's Hill... now you're speaking my language!! :-D

HairyBerry said...

I can't for my life remember my last visit to fraser's! But i surely remember the winding route n stopping to throw up! Haha! Lovely lunch complemented by the cool climate. Sounds like a good weekend getaway. :)

Chindiana said...

Heya J! Nothing whatsoever about food or cool hill station getaways, just thought I'd let you know that Book Access in Amcorp is clearing hard cover autobiographies of Neil Gaiman. A bit long as its lists out every book/tale he told but has interesting bits - his start in the biz, his law suit with Todd McFarlane, etc.

J said...

to j2kfm:
Cuti Cuti Malaysia can be fun too. Go lah :)

to tng :
lol. Your geography FAIL. :p

to minchow :
so nice to meet someone who speaks Booze. haha....

to Hairyberry:
oh dear sounds like it was a difficult jouney for you... Bad news is that I don't think the road is any less windy now leh

to Chindiana:
omg! Thanks for the info! Looking forward to getting book.

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